Do you want to improve the website’s conversion rate? Are you interested in increasing traffic on the online store? All these things can be possible by focusing on user experience and proper analytics. But some people want to know how. It can become effective by paying attention to adequate marketing and performance of the website.

Firstly, you need to make sure your eCommerce website Melbourne is developed perfectly. For such a task, you should consider a proper inspection. During the inspection, you should be focused on lots of things like –

• Availability of content and keywords
• User-friendliness in design
• Website’s user experience
• Features & functionalities
• Website performance and loading speed
• Availability of products
• Showcasing products with proper information
• Colour contrast and readability score of the website

These are some major ones. Here, you can get help from professionals for avoiding mistakes and do not miss a single element. If everything is good on the website, then you can start with the analytics.

Why Is Analytics Important?

Analytics is useful in getting information about the performance of the website and its correct stats. By paying attention to these stats, you can easily figure out that your website, content, and products are loved by visitors or not. To understand all these factors and keep everything perfect, you need to check to look out numerous elements.

Key Analytic Elements For E-Commerce Website

Member Activation Rate

As we know, almost all types of eCommerce platforms are associated with a specific user registration procedure. By completing such a procedure, the users become a member of that particular platform. Without preceding it, no one is capable of placing an order or making any purchase. Sometimes, people create an account only for inspecting products.

In these conditions, for getting actual data and understanding how many accounts are created by genuine customers, the member activation rate is considered. It contains the ratio of users who activate the account and make a purchase within 60 days of becoming a member. By focusing on such a rate, you can get an estimate regarding the conversion rate also.

Early Repeat Rate

All eCommerce owners want to impress the visitors and customers by which they can visit again and place more orders. Here, you should be focused on the early repeat rate during analytics. Mainly the early repeat rate will help you in getting how many new members place their second orders within 60 days after the first one.

In case you get good progress in the early repeat rate, it indicates that you get success in impressing the users and serving them perfectly. It helps you in building a brand reputation in the market quickly.

Abandonment Rate

With all these things, you should not forget to check out the abandonment rate. Many individuals abandon the shopping cart or leave the website before completing any process. Most of the times, customers abandon the shopping cart due to some errors in payment procedure such as –

• Payment gateways do not work
• Hidden charges
• High shipping cost

For avoiding these types of issues and reducing the abandonment rate, you should work on it. You should try to keep the payment integration perfect on the website. A good eCommerce developer Melbourne is capable of setting up third-party integrations perfectly and keeps the website running smoothly. With it, you should not hide any kind of charges from customers.

Customer Effort Score (CES)

When it comes to the customer effort score, then you need to keep it low. It represents how much effort your visitors want to put for understanding the website and its related elements. If your CES is high, then your visitors are facing lots of issues. It is not good from the business and profit point of view. The solution to this particular issue is keeping the user experience high on the website.

Time Spent By Users

With it, you need to check out the total time spent by users on the website. It will help you in understanding lots of factors such as – your website is good or not. If the visitors spend more time, then it increases the chances of conversions and you may get some orders. Now the question appears on how to encourage the audience to spend time.

To make sure, your audience is spending more time on the website, you need to work on the content. Try to add impressive, informative, and engaging content on the website. With it, you should add some visual and creative elements, by which users can interact and love to stay.

These are some major analytics tips for an eCommerce website. By focusing on these metrics, you can get complete data related to the visitors and figure out that you are working in the right direction or not. The most important thing is the user experience. You should try to keep the website design simple for it.

Key Tips For Attractive Website With High User Experience

Clean & Simple Layout

Some individuals are trying to increase the effectiveness of websites with the addition of multiple animations or visual effects. Due to it, sometimes they do not focus on some other factors such as – user experience. It may make the design complicated and the user may not understand your website functioning and all other factors. For maintaining the user experience, you should consider website design with a simple and clean layout. It makes things easy to understand for visitors and increases the chances of conversion.

Design & Formatting

For keeping the website’s user experience high, you should try to be focused on the formatting. Formatting is useful in managing website appearance and arranging all types of elements perfectly. All these things will help you in grabbing the attention of visitors and working on lots of things.

Consequently, you will get more leads and higher chances of conversions. When it comes to the content formatting, then you can use heading tags and consider short paragraphs. It will provide assistance in preparing a perfect web design.

Informative Pages

The visitors love to gather information about products, services, and other related factors. You can fulfill such a requirement of users by adding proper information in the content. While setting up the landing pages, you need to make sure it is available with proper information by which the users love to stay and read it completely.

In the case of products on the landing page, you should try to explain all things about products such as – its characteristics, features, usage, what makes it better, and so on.

Easy To Check Out

Most of the time, the user experience of an eCommerce website gets affected due to complicated check out process. Here, you need to be careful and try to build up your store with the addition of a smooth check out process. You should feature the process that can easy to understand and complete by anyone. It will benefit you by decreasing the shopping cart abandonment rate and provide lots of related benefits.

Multiple Payment Gateways

All users are available with different types of sources for making payments and placing orders. In case anyone does not find the required payment option, then he/she leaves the store immediately. You should hire the best eCommerce development company Melbourne by which you can get professional assistance and add all required payment gateways easily. For making it more user-friendly, you can add the feature of saving payment methods or sources for the future.

These are some basic things that you should keep in mind while working on eCommerce development. With all these things, you need to be careful while choosing the development platform. You can see numerous options there like – Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce. All platforms are having different types of features and services. You should focus on the requirements and discuss with eCommerce development professionals for making the right decision.