If you have kids, you must think about teaching them early-stage lessons so they can get better in the future. If you regularly take care of this, it’s good for you. But can’t do much for their children because of business. EarlyBird could be a perfect solution for them as well as, for everyone who cares about their children. With modern technology and brilliant features, Earlybird is obviously a must-have learning app for kids.

let’s know more about EarlyBird …

EarlyBird – Virtual learning Children Academy

This is the modern learning and educational app for children, designed and developed by professionals, comes with amazing features like no other kids’ learning apps. The app is safe and helps your kids learning with preschool lessons including alphabets, numbers, colors, counting, shapes, feelings, and much more! It really makes it easy to teach kids virtually at home.

The best thing about EarlyBird is its’ modern classroom technology that makes it teaching kids easier than ever before. Below are some of the modern & unique features of EarlyBird that you’ll love for sure.

  • Artificial Intelligence: like Amazon Alexa, but as a Tutor
  • Video Games: like Candy Crush with an educational twist
  • Augmented Reality: (like Snapchat for the classroom)
  • Video Tutoring: like Zoom, but as a safe learning boost if your child needs extra help),
  • Prizes: exciting prizes that kids love, so they don’t want to leave it.

and much more …

EarlyBird is truly an awesome virtual kids learning tool, some of the features of it even better than similar popular apps like ABCmouse, as well as, cheaper in terms of the subscription. Compared each and everything of Earlybird with similar apps, you’ll mot find anything like it.

So, download EarlyBird right now and get 2 Free Levels & 20 Free Minutes from the AI & AR Shop, and start teaching your kids virtually.

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