Easy Method To Clean Your Resmed Cpap Machines

Resmed CPAP machines are extremely helpful equipment, which helps hundreds and thousands of people to get a sweet sleep and prevention from anxiety, stress, and depression. To use the CPAP Machine properly and to ensure that it works better for years, you need to find the best cleaning procedures.

Read ahead and discover useful ways to clean your CPAP machine.

What will happen if you will not clean CPAP machine?

You need to use the CPAP machine consistently to get the most benefits out of it. And just like any other object, regular use can lead to debris and build-ups which required to be removed for the clean airflow. There are numerous RESMED CPAP parts tubes, hoses, and a mask where you can find most the dirt and even bacteria. Therefore, it’s crucial to clean your CPAP machine else it will lead to many health hazards.


Tips for cleaning CPAP machine:

As a CPAP machine involves numerous parts, it is recommended to clean each part separately.


  • First things first, keep your CPAP machine away from your pets and kids. Some pets, such as cats can easily reach the machine and bite the tube.
  • For cleaning the tubes, buy some mild soap or use one if you have it already. Don’t use chlorine, aromatic, bleach, alcohol-based, or harsh soaps/solutions. Use a small brush to take out all the debris gently.
  • Add one part of the vinegar and three parts of the water. Apply this solution to disinfect the tubes.
  • Use this method weekly. If the tubes are too old or not in good condition even after cleaning carefully, replace them.


  • Check the Resmed CPAP Machines for the number of filters. Some have two, and others might have one.
  • The major role of filters is to block the dirt and dust particles from entering inside the machine, right from where you inhale.
  • Black or gray filter can be cleaned with mild soap solutions. These filters can last up to a year and if you maintain them with proper cleaning, the life might increase.
  • White filters are disposable, which means they need to be replaced. You have to check the colour of the white filter to know whether or not it requires replacement. As the white colour starts to discolour, it’s an indication that you need to dispose of the filter. This normally happens once in 2-months.


  • The mask itself acquires various parts such as frame, cushion, and head gear.
  • Out of all these components, the cushion is the fragile one and requires to be handled carefully. It’s crucial that women don’t wear any makeup while using the mask. However, you must clean the mask anyway as it will remove all the dirt and face oil.
  • Clean the cushion daily with the mild soap. Be careful while cleaning the cushion and apply gentle strokes of the soap. Remember not to take the cushion under direct sunlight as it can damage the texture of the cushion.
  • Use mild soap to clean the headgear and frame. Rinse them thoroughly and air dry.

So use the above method for the clean & hygienic Resmed CPAP machines.

Source: Easy Method To Clean Your Resmed Cpap Machines