The P1 EDI testing & certification service will help prepare you to fulfill your compliance obligations for your foreign exchange partners, no matter whether you are adding a new EDI trading associate or expanding an existing transaction. The global focus on quality EDI testing and certification has resulted in many software packages being created to automatically prepare for future EDI transactions. This results in a simplified EDI testing process and increases the time it takes for traders to complete their transactions. These test scripts are available for free download from the EDI website and can be used for all new associates and existing partners to instantly meet their compliance guidelines. This also ensures that your business is ready to accept EDI transfers from new and existing partners in a timely manner.

Implementing an EDI testing process yourself requires some basic knowledge of electronic transactions and the current EDI regulations. You will need to consult with your EDI Approval Services company to determine the exact EDI testing requirements applicable to your companies specific circumstances. Most Approved EDI testing services provide a wide range of EDI testing services, tailored to suit the unique needs of both new and established partners in the global marketplace. To find out more about EDI testing for your specific needs, contact an Approved EDI testing company today.

Before proceeding with the creation of any EDI testing file, you must first create an EDI test file. An EDI test file contains the rules, criteria, and requirements for evaluating each EDI partner’s compliance status. The test file should be able to reflect all transactions between all EDI suppliers and participants, as well as any other requirements set forth by your EDI provider. EDI testing should include test results for all members of your EDI partnership, as well as all EDI exchanges.

Once you have an EDI test file ready, the next step is to select vendors that will participate in your EDI testing project. Vendors are required to register with EDI in order to access the EDI testing services. Once a vendor has registered, they can create testing reports and initiate EDI-based applications. Vendors are not required to participate in EDI testing if they do not feel they need to. However, missing a particular portion of an EDI testing report may significantly affect the results of the entire test.

EDI testing should be performed by globally recognized EDI testers. The majority of EDI testing companies will offer training and support for EDI testing services. Global and local EDI testing companies will have different EDI philosophies. For example, a British company may utilize parallel testing, which involves testing two EDIs simultaneously from three different locations. A major EDI testing company should always have at least one trained consultant available for support purposes. This consultant will typically act as a remote representative for both global and local EDI retailers.

In addition to EDI testing vendors and EDI-trading partners, there are other factors to consider when selecting a testing company. A high quality, experienced EDI testing company will offer assistance when it comes to finding qualified retailers. This assistance may come in the form of market research. A testing company may also provide training on EDI testing and provide guidance and information on qualifying retailers. A good EDI testing company will conduct random checks to verify that EDI testing has occurred and verify that all necessary documentation has been supplied.

EDI testing providers should engage in dialogue with their EDI testing resellers or business partners on multiple occasions. In addition to engaging in dialogue, a high quality EDI testing provider should monitor the progress of EDI testing activities of their third-party testing partners. A third-party EDI testing provider should also work closely with their established EDI retailers. The relationship between third-party testing providers and established and new EDI retailers is critical to the ongoing success of EDI.

EDI testing is more than just an expense; it is a significant investment in your business future. EDI testing not only provides information about existing and potential problems, but it also helps businesses make informed buying decisions. By analyzing EDI invoices, third-party testers can find EDI testing mistakes that could negatively impact their profits. EDI testing results can help businesses prevent financial disasters by pinpointing areas where EDI testing is having a direct impact on their profit margins.