Locksmith services

In today’s society, everyone is wanting to make sure their doors are locked tight. There is much hype about home invasions and break and enters also adds to people’s fear. Now good security locks will keep you safe but they can also hinder emergency services. The scenario might be that you live alone and have had an accident or medical episode. The Ambulance could waste valuable time if your house is locked uptight. We have seen a huge increase in Emergency Key Box installation in and around Brisbane.

Emergency Key Boxes also called emergency key safes can help in a dire emergency. These emergency key boxes are easy to operate and when installed correctly are very secure. Generally, they should be installed near the main entry door. We sell and install several emergency key boxes. The main emergency key boxes we sell are Kidde and Master and feel these 2 brands strike the balance between price and quality. Often we will use much stronger screws to attach the key safe to the wall. The screws that come with the key box are way too small in my opinion.

Attaching the emergency key box to a concrete or brick wall is also possible. If this is needed we use the very latest in masonry anchors. Our emergency safes ( boxes) are weather resistant and will remain serviceable even in the harshest climates. Emergency key boxes sell for between $50 and $100 depending on the brand and size. The most common one we sell is the Kidde S5 which we sell for $77. The price to install this particular key box ranges from $60 to $100 excluding GST. The price will vary depending upon your location and the difficulty in attaching the key safe to the wall.