Erectile Dysfunction, commonly known as ED, is actually sexual disorder where men are facing difficulty achieving as well as an erection during the sexual intercourse. Most old people are suffering from this health problem in their old age. Though it is a disorder of age, but now male of all ages can be affected by this problem. Best thing is that there are plenty of medication, therapy and home remedies available  Sildenafil Cenforce 100 to treat the problem. 

Also, there are varieties of techniques, devices and surgeries will be able to provide the aid in achieving your erections and getting the enjoyable sexual performance. Indirectly, your partner also becomes happy when you are in bed, because it also affects your partner. While treating the erectile dysfunction, the people can be treated at the same. I will use which I have already ordered from a Generic Villa online pharmacy.

What is erectile dysfunction (ED)?

According to the report of European Association of Urology, ED or erectile is actually a ’persistent inability to sustain erection and make your sexual intercourse enjoyable. 

Most men sometimes facing trouble in erection, it become relax during the sex. It is common in this hectic day. no matter how it your age, it is above 60 or below 40. The true diagnosis of ED is that you lose the good erection for three to six months while you are in bed. 

People think that good erection is one of the important sign of virility. If he can’t sexual performance one day, it can be a big shock for him. It often leads to frustration and emotional distress for him and his partner. If this is the happen and do you find that you are getting night time erections, whether you are asleep or after waking up in the morning? Then it maybe the serious problem. 

A 1994 report found that men between the ages of 40 and 60 in Massachusetts suffer from mild to moderate ED, and that ED is more common in older men. 

Common Causes of ED 

Erectile dysfunction can be happen due to various possible causes that may involve physical and emotional conditions. These are 

  • An unhealthy relationship with partner
  • Alcohol consumption and excessive smoking
  • Some of the specific medication including medicine of high blood pressure, kidney, heart disease, diabetes, etc. sleeping disorder, 
  •  Diabetes, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, hypertension or High BP, Obesity, kidney disease, low testosterone levels or hormone imbalances, anxiety and stress, depression, increased age, 
  • Some severe health conditions like Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, Peyronie, etc. 
  • Peyronie is considered one of the serious health conditions that may cause ED seriously because it helps develop the scar tissue in Penis. 

If you are not encouraged in sexual performance and have some of these problems, it is incredibly vital to discuss it with your doctor.

What are the connection between erectile dysfunction and age? 

Erectile dysfunction is not a common aging disease. But research says the disease can be seen with aging due to various factors. Some factors such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, neurological disorders and even sleep disorders increase ED in men with age – as these diseases affect the blood vessels and nerves, increasing the chances of developing erectile dysfunction. Sometimes the disease occurs between the ages of 20 and 45. 


Ages 20 – 45 years:

ED is psychogenic in young men, especially between the ages of 20 and 45. This is for such behaviors, situational, stress related, etc. However, it may occur due to low testosterone. Apart from this, Sleeping disorder or apnea and obesity is also one of the best factors in ED. Research states that the younger generations are mostly affected by this problem. Healthy, balance and low fat diet and exercise will reduce symptoms of ED caused by obesity or overweight.

Younger men who are diagnosed with ED should consult with doctors immediately to determine what the cause behind it is. 


Ages 45 – 60 years:

As men get older, some develop chronic physical problems may arise that may play a leading role in ED development. Condition such as heart disease, diabetes, development of high blood pressure, cholesterol, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis stroke, Sleep apnea, restrict blood flow to the penis can be the leading problem of this health condition. Apart from these, some medications that usually use to treat high blood pressure, sometime interfere and create erectile dysfunction. 

Middle-aged men should talk to their doctor as soon as possible if they experience symptoms of older men. Symptoms of ED can often be a symptom of a unique disease and should be referred to a physician from the outset for an overall cure and a thorough evaluation of how the symptoms can be controlled. 

Age 60+:

Men in this age group are suffering from some chronic medical conditions including cardiovascular disease, kidney problem neurological disorders which may create ED. Prostate cancer is common among middle age men. It cannot create ED directly, but there are many treatments including external beam radiation, chemotherapy, brachytherapy, and surgery can leads to erectile dysfunction. Prostate cancer patients may have considered penile rehabilitation for recovery of erection after treatment many times. .

Erectile dysfunction is a physical problem where people lose their sexual motivation and can’t maintain an erection during sexual performance. Reducing sexual desire is the primary symptom of this health condition. So if any people are experiencing this problem should consult with doctor. It is very common problem now. There are variety medications available in the market to treat the problem.