Essays can be one of the easiest assignments a student can get. However, it can also be one of the most difficult of them when students do not understand how to write an essay and instead look for an essay writing service to get their essays done. This can lead to them not getting acquainted with the whole process of writing and editing an essay. As a result, they start to lack the skills necessary for writing and often suffer in the long run. In addition, their professional lives get affected when they are required to write important pieces of documents like white papers, research papers, and so on.

 Thus, students must practice writing essays from a young age and develop their skills in writing, sentence construction, and grammar. However, most students have a phobia of writing essays. This can be due to not writing a single essay in their student life and always depending on others for their writing work. In this article, we are going to address those phobias and tell you the exact solution for the same. Read on to find out more. 

Issues students face while writing essays and how to overcome them

  1. Issue : Where do I get information for my essay

Solution : Even the greatest of writers would not be able to write anything had they not have any sources of information or resources. You should make an effort to search thoroughly for all kinds of relevant information you can find on your topic for availing of “Write my essayhelp. For example, if you are asked to write an essay on American Civil War, you should first collect all sources containing information on American Civil War. This includes visiting a number of sites on the internet and referring to related journals or books. You will soon find that you have a lot of information on your hand, which brings us to our second point.

  1. Issue: I do not know where to start writing an essay from 

 Solution: The second thing which most students struggle with is not knowing where to start. They are simply too confused to understand what to write after mentioning the title. However, with a little bit of practice, this hurdle can easily be overcome. We recommend first making a list of all the ideas coming into your head, from reading all the references you have a hand with. Then, you can make points on a rough sheet of paper that can contain important information and other factual details, which you can incorporate in the later part of your essays, thus never running out of materials to write. 

  1. Issue: I have an idea now, but how do I structure my essay?

Solution: You can follow the universal structure of all types of essays, which begins with an introduction, followed by a body and then the conclusion. The introduction tells the reader what they are going to expect while reading through your essay. The body contains the main information of your essay, which is going to get you all the marks. Finally, the conclusion is a short summary of what you have written and how it matches your introduction. 


We hope these three tips will help you, don’t need to say “do my essay” get an idea of writing essays and solving your issues for you. Essays can be extremely easy to write, only when you know the right process to do it.

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Robert Jade is a professor of English Language at a reputed university in southern Florida. He always takes a great interest in letting students understand a holistic approach to writing essays and providing academic thesis help. He has written more than 200 pieces of essays, some of which have been published in leading American dailies.