For surviving the scorching sun, the necessity of proper working of the air conditioner in cars is known to all. Entering your car and being exposed to warm air in the car is quite frustrating in the hot summer. It is even more irritating to still feel the warm air after turning your car AC on. At this point, you might be confused about what the issue is or what must you do to make the AC work in proper order.

Irrespective of the atmospheric temperature around, you can convert your dormant car AC into a reliable and super active working machine with the help of a Car Air Con Recharge Leamington Spa service.

Frequency of recharging your Car Air Conditioner

It is suggested that you must recharge your vehicle’s air conditioner at least once a year. Many cars don’t need any AC recharging for at least five years but, servicing them periodically ensures that the compressor in these cars remains functional for long. Approximately 10% of the refrigerant gas is lost by the AC system in a vehicle annually, even in a best-designed vehicle.

When your car engine shows some trouble or the overall performance of the vehicle decreases, you visit a garage with your car immediately. So, why not do the same for your car AC. Why not recharge your car AC before it shows poor performance? The frequency of recharging your car AC would minimise the potential issues that might have occurred later.

Indications that Your Car AC needs Recharging
  1. The AC system in your car strives hard to bring the temperature within your car to a comfortable level on scorching hot days.
  2. You don’t feel the air coming out of the vents in your car to be cool enough as it is supposed to be. This indicates your car AC needs immediate recharging.
  3. Your car AC system produces an unexpected grinding, rattling, or banging noise.
  4. The AC system of your car emits a musty and bad odour. This occurs when dirt and moisture get collected in the refrigerant gas.
Working of Car AC Recharging

When you trace any leakage from your car’s cooling system, you can know that it is high time for servicing the air conditioner. However, detecting a leakage before recharging a Car AC is tough. Thus, you must service your car AC system on a regular basis.

The following activities are performed while servicing your car AC system:
  1. For checking the air vent temperature, the vehicle will be run
  2. An electric detector of the leak is used to test components and System lines
  3. Inspection of hoses, pulleys, drive belts, thermostats and operation valves will be done
  4. New oil refrigerant will be added to the system
  5. The refrigerant is recovered, and Air conditioning system is evacuated
  6. Reading of a suction-line temperature is taken
  7. Inspection of Condenser temperature is performed

You must not opt for cheap recharging of your air conditioner to ensure the environment’s safety, car health, etc. The refrigerant of the car AC system is replaced with hydrocarbon gas by mechanics. This hydrocarbon gas is a highly flammable gas posing fire risk and danger to the components of your cooling system. This flammable gas may get released inside the cabin poses a high risk if your vehicle faces an accident. Thus, you must always ensure that a qualified mechanic performs air conditioning recharge in your car.

Maintaining Your Car AC system after Recharging