Are you tired staying and looking at your uninteresting and dry-as-dust condo? Are you looking for some unique décor you can try on to beautify and enhance the overall look of your condo? We got you covered. Today, we are going to discuss about extreme condo transformation you can definitely apply to the interior design of your condo. Learn also about famous condo make over trends this 2021.

Without further ado, let us start our discussion.

First off, before you start working with your condo transformation, keep in mind that you need to ask formal permission from the property management officer or the owner of the condominium you are staying. Secondly, you need to have the budget you need to have in order to meet your needs in the long run. And lastly, plan! Plan! Plan! Before you pick unique decors for your condo, think first about how you want your condo to look at. Then, renovation and designing can start from there.

  1. Work-from-home floorplan

We all know that the struggle that the pandemic has brought us is real and is taking an effect even to our workstyle. Thus, work from set up today is very well-known. It is important for us to set up a working station where we can focus and attend to our paper works. Therefore, with this in mind, we should design and set our condo into a room where we it promotes productivity and efficiency– from the coffee table, an office chair, and even the smallest unique décor you can think of. All these should support us in our work from home set up.

  • Resort-inspired balcony and amenities

Having a balcony in a condo is a bonus. If you have one, turn your balcony into a resort-inspired balcony and amenities. Grab beautiful outdoor plants, take a couch for you to sit in, add a coffee table to pair the couch and enjoy the beautiful scenery your balcony offers. This is one way to enjoy fresh air and also an isolation time from the noise of the city.

  • Eclectic style

Eclectic interior design is like a vintage style with a contemporary touch. It does not follow monochrome. Instead, it allows various color combinations to reign in the place. The patterns are also loud. It is a cheerful and active interior design theme perfect for people who do not want boring designs. Unique decors of this interior design theme also come in various forms, shapes and colors. Some may not actually go with this design but for others who likes some fun in terms of interior design, Eclectic Style is a great choice.

  • Wooden touch

Furniture, upholstery, unique decors, walls and floors that has a touch of woods give a fresh and natural impression to your condo. It feels so vintage giving you relaxing and peaceful vibes. Natural elements such as woods never goes out of style. It goes perfectly with any theme you like; may it be modern design, minimalism, traditional or transitional interior design. Wooden styles of unique decors inside the condo absolutely create elegant and sophisticated ambiance. With that being said, if you are decorating your condo right now, try applying touch of woods to some of your unique decors and you’ll absolutely love the result.

  • Strong color palette

Strong color palettes are warm colors that includes red, yellow, orange, green and other warm and bold colors. These kinds of colors are making a trend in interior design industry. Homeowners are too tired of looking at boring and monochromatic patterns and styles of the homes. Thus, they try to apply strong color to the walls, furniture and even to the fabric of some unique decors such as cushions and throw blankets. With the right color combinations, these colors can create a positive and cheerful ambiance to your condo. Your gests and visitors will absolutely love the color scheme your condo has.

  • Black and white color combination

To end this list of condo design trends this 2021, we have black and white color combination or simply the minimalistic interior design. This is about trying on simple yet unique decors. Additionally, it is about showing off the elegance and sophistication a minimalistic style can do to your condo.

There are numbers of ways you can do to add beauty to your condo. And if you are still a bit confused, you can visit us at Yorkshire Fabric Shop and learn for more decoration tips.