Many breeds of dogs were domesticated for security purposes in the earlier years of civilization. Caucasian Shepherd dogs are one of them which help to block trespassers along with guarding the livestock against small and large predators like coyotes and wolves attacks. They are also helpful for other similar duties. In today’s modern era, dogs are viewed as watchdogs or faithful companions of owners in the West.

Caucasian dogs are of many varieties depending on the kind of area they reside. There have known to be 2 types or breeds for centuries:

  • The one with a heavier body mass index and long-coated, known as the mountain type
  • The one with a lighter body mass and shorter coat, known as the Steppe type
  • Their breed is known by many other names like Kawkasky Owtscharka, Caucasian Ovcharka, Kaukasische Schaferhund and Caucasian Sheep dog.

The Caucasian Shepherd dogs are a breed that guards, is serious and must not be taken lightly. The Caucasians are fearless, bold, self-confident as well as fierce during times of threat. They, however, are otherwise very devoted, soft, kind and lovable towards his family, which may include other pets of a different family. Many people across the globe are running centres for you to find the breed of your interest. You could research and get to know about breeds before selecting the one most suited to your kind of personality.

There are a few guidelines for taking proper care of these dogs like:

  • Nutrition

These dogs are fed a proper diet that takes care of their digestive requirements, throughout the different phases of their life. The breeder often recommends food for your dog until it is 6 months of age. Good breeders will always ensure that the dog is receiving a suitable kind of nutrition. Many companies that make dog food have formulas for different age groups of dogs. These dogs fall in the large to the extra-large breed of dogs. A standard guideline that you must follow is to avoid feeding specified food items strictly prohibited for dogs. Your dog’s diet plan is your personal choice, but it must work out with your breeder or veterinarian. You need to know the frequency of the dog’s meals to ensure its longevity. Along with the right food, clean water should be given to the dogs at any given point in time.

  • Grooming

These dogs have different coat types, from very short to long. The dogs that have long coats should be groomed. It could be a very fulfilling and enriching experience for your pet and you. It gives you time to bond with each other. Their nails grow very fast and need trimming with a grinder or clipper to prevent cracking, overgrowth and splitting. Ears should be inspected and cleaned regularly to remove excess debris and wax that could cause infection. Teeth need to be cleaned and brushed regularly.

  • Exercise

Caucasian Shepherds Have known to be families with big space, yards and families that believe in taking dogs on walks daily. They are an independent and intelligent breed. Hence for safety purposes, they need to be contained post-exercise. Contained means either they should be on a leash or taken for a walk in a yard that is fenced. These dogs come in the category of low energy dogs. They have significant endurance for hiking and walking. You could make your dog undergo endurance tests monthly as well.

  • Training

These dogs are intelligent and highly independent. Hence, it could be difficult but not impossible to be trained. They are complete outdoor dogs, highly active but still could be very quiet when indoors. They are protective about their property and family, making it difficult to bring guests home.

  • Health

Dogs may face health challenges throughout their lives. Caucasian Shepherd puppy is a healthy breed, but their health still needs utmost care. It becomes imperative to be working in partnership with a good breeder who could use genetic testing to decrease the occurrence of a certain kind of disease.