Zanzibar is also a dense mix of  deeply held beliefs, culture, ancient customs, dark history, spirituality and ritual.  It is a famous beach break at the end of Serengeti safaris and many exquisite resorts are designed to utterly cocoon visitors. But if you are travelling with more on your mind than sand, sun and sea, you will be amazingly welcome by Zanzibar tour packages people and unfailingly inspired by their humour, resilience, and amazing resourcefulness.

Things to do in Zanzibar

Nature and biodiversity

Zanzibar is the only location in the planet where are Colobus Monkeys are native and can be seen in their natural rainforest habitat.  Snorkeling off the coast and coral reefing diving of Zanzibar is the best in East Africa with vast shoals of tropical fish and visibility of up to thirty metres.

Spice islands

Famous for centuries as the Spice Islands, the Zanzibar archipelago is still one of the key producers of cloves – Pemba Island has over three million clove trees.

Swahili culture

Traditional Swahili culture is richer and more dynamic in Zanzibar than almost anywhere else on the East African coast.

Stone Town

Stone Town, the historic center of Zanzibar town, is a UNESO World Heritage place. So book your cheap flights to Zanzibar now.

What to do and see with family in Zanzibar

Jozani-Chwaka National Park

This 2500 hectare protected forest in the heart of the island is the last remaining natural habitat of the Red Colobus Monkey. It also contains a big mangrove swamp were children can view bush babies.

Snorkelling, Tumbatu Island

Isolated Tumbatu is the least famous of the archipelago populated islands. Fully undeveloped, its shallow and pristine coral reefs are stunning for snorkelling.

The Rock Restaurant, Michanwi Pingewe Beach

Quite possibly the most amazing restaurant in the plant, even food-for-fuel younger kids will like the all at Sea Indian Ocean place.

Prison Island, Stone town

A historic penal colony and now an amazing nature reserve, Prison island is a twenty minute sail along the amazing stone town waterfront. The island home to big Aldabra Tortoise and famously best for snorkelling.

East Africa diving, Nungwi beach

The Zanzibar Archipelago is the most rewarding place to dive in Tanzania tour packages. East Africa diving is a 5 star PADI center and has beginner day course for children as young as eight.

Kite surfing, Zanzibar Island

Kite surfing on the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Zanzibar is remarkable. The domestic school provides lessons for starters.