Fashion Trends

Fashion trends in society reflect the culture. The influence of fashion on cultural styles and trends can’t be neglected. Women try to put out their thoughts and fight for equal rights through clothes and fashion trends. Fashion trends change depending on the area or country’s culture and vary from person to person.

The field of fashion is quite interesting and has variations around the globe. Students working on fashion dissertations often consider topics that are creative and show their talent in fashion designing and different kinds of outfits as well as shoes. Being a vast field, the fashion discipline requires distinctive knowledge and wide research in studies. Students need to keep themselves up to date with the latest trends in order to craft or select innovative fashion dissertation topics.

At the graduate and post-graduation level, students find it burdensome to collect the data required for a comprehensive dissertation and find themselves stuck at various points while writing. Not only that students suffer while finding appropriate dissertation topic ideas. To get rid of these problems, there are various online platforms and techniques which provide the best fashion dissertation assignments about clothing, textile, and fashion business management.

The subject of fashion demands a student to have both theoretical and practical knowledge and make full use of both while researching and writing a dissertation. The most important step in the dissertation is choosing an interesting and innovative topic that can portray new ideas in the professional field. The chosen topic must reflect trending interests and concerns.

Fashion dissertations can cover various domains including the history of fashion, clothing, presentation, and designing. Dissertations on the history of fashion have a huge research horizon. You can cover historical wearing trends along with political, economical, and financial climates.

Fashion Trends: Iconography

Musicians, actors, and other artists have influenced people with their fashion sense since the start of documented history. Iconography is highly encoded with fashion through artists. As artists are considered icons in the local or normal people, iconography provides insights on their celebrity culture and portrays the fashion trends within the industry.

  1. Clothing of teenagers and Boy band culture: Fashioning of an idol.
  2. Fashion in a rapping culture.
  3. Influence of musicians and artists in promoting clothing brands.
  4. How K-pop changed the fashion sense in the younger generation?
  5. Understanding the fashion of icons: Insight in the world of celebrities.
  6. Fashions of the pop culture of the Eighties.
  7. Iconic Actors Fashion and their personal signature look. 

Materialization and Designing

Designs and materials are the most important and integral of the fashion industry. It consists of the study of recent cultural fashion trends. Many students tend to do their dissertations on cultural topics like uniform norms in schools, colleges, and various departments in the country. The study of different fabrics like jeans, wool, linen, cotton, and leather is conducted along with their economical climates.

  1. Representation: Branding and Labelling.
  2. Analysis of fabric and its influence throughout history in fashion.
  3. Contribution of wool in western fashion and its trade.
  4. Eras of bell-bottom jeans in the Eighties and Nineties.
  5. History of PVC and its uses and connotations.
  6. Influence of leather in shoes and jacket making.
  7. Tuxedo and suits since 1800: Clothing of Importance.
  8. Swimwear: Fashion in Water
  9. Evolutions of gowns. 

There are so many interesting fashion dissertation topics that you can research on. Below are some trendy topics mentioned, that can help in selecting a topic for a fashion dissertation.

  1. The fashion of the British through ages: A sense of English Gentleman.
  2. Street Fashion of UK and America in the fifties.
  3. Chronological study of different monarchs across the globe and Royal clothing.
  4. Impacts of fashion on economy, culture, and everyday life.
  5. Fashion trends of the 21st century.
  6. Nylon- The most ravishing fashion innovation.