After several years since the launching of MetaTrader 5 applications, E-traders are very excited about what Metaquotes will offer in their upcoming platform.

Rumors say that the company will launch MT6 but there isn’t any confirmation from the company just yet.

I believe that the MT creators are still keeping things into secret since it is still obvious that many users still find MT5 very useful.

However, if a new MT platform would be created, here are some of the features that need to be included in the upcoming creation.

These features which we will feature on this article are purely based on the collected experiences from several E-traders and MT users.

5 Features that Must Be Present in the New MT Platform

1. Vast number of brokers on the list

 Previous MT versions, especially the MT5, became known for providing an adequate number of brokers that clients or platform users could choose from.

With this notion in mind, Metaquotes, the creator of MT platforms should make it a point that they maintain the credibility of MT platforms as reliable and suitable for various trading needs.

Thus, both traders and brokers are looking forward to the upcoming platform to provide more opportunities for brokers to be included on their list.

2. Multi-Market Assets

This feature is what made MT5 offer a better trading experience than MT4. As for the anticipated creation of another platform after MT5, experts hold unto the idea that the Multi Market asset will still be present but the issue in terms of the difficulty with FX trading in MT5 will be addressed and made better soon.

It would be a good move if Metaquotes will find a way to coincide the best of MT4 and MT5 in the next MT platform.

3. Trading Flexibility

Since the establishment of the very first MetaTrader platform, Metaquotes was able to gain positive responses from its users because of the management’s achievement towards the development of applications that provide hassle free trading experience.

Once the new MT platform is launched, trading enthusiasts will surely feel grateful to the developers if Market Depths, Netting and Hedging Modes will be available anytime.

4. Charting Capabilities

Such a feature is the most essential aspect in any trading platform. With the earlier Metaquotes products,these charts that serve as a tool to create a more comprehensive and effective trading plan are well loved by MT users due to the vast chart availability and they can be customized.

5. Alerts

As busy individuals, traders find it challenging to manually update themselves with the latest updates,trading events and even news about trading and market.

If the upcoming MT platform will have a more updated and real time update that will be incorporated in the platform, MT users will surely have an easless trading journey.


Similar to other Metaquotes software, the upcoming MT application is expected to perform similarly or even better than the previously created products