bathroom tiles

No matter whoever you ask, everyone has distinct ideas on the size, color, layout, and texture of tiles you should use for your bathroom space to give it an elegant look. So which opinions you should take into consideration and which should you ignore? 

When selecting your best bathroom tiles, there are a few elements you need to consider. Essentially, it’s necessary to keep in mind the appearance and experience you want every day because it is you who will be seeing and using this room frequently after all. Also, it is important to think about the look and feel you want to offer to your guests. Therefore, in this blog, we will go through a few elements that will help you to find the best tile that suits your bathroom space and fulfill everyone’s different wants, needs, and preferences.

Get a right title size

It is said that “The larger the titles, the smaller the room looks”. Generally, the interior designers suggest that tiles larger than 60*60 cm may swamp a small or medium space like bathrooms. So small tiles like miniature squares or honeycombs are ideal for bathrooms compared to large tiles which are more complex to install and may have inappropriate cuts due to large size tiles. The smaller tiles do not make your bathroom large but also give a dramatic effect.

If you want to choose large or medium size tiles, just confirm that it has correct edges and similar grout color. This will give an appealing look to your bathroom and the size will not be disturbed. This will build you a simple and contemporary space that will be your creative motivation.

Choose colors that capture your imagination

The choice of the bathroom color should be decided by the end-users. If you’re selecting a tile for a family bathroom then you must choose bolder and bright primary colors to give a child-friendly appearance. If your family members are old aged or you don’t have adolescents then earthy or neutral color scheme can be selected. For instance, white tiles with ceramic and natural woods, subdued base tiles with expressive colors, or amazing grey glazed tiles. But if you’re rarely spending time in your bathroom or it’s a guest room bathroom then we suggest you not invest in expensive tiles instead buy plain tiles to get your work done. Plain tiles are not only economical but also give a classic look.

The interior designers say that the neutral color scheme is a standard palette that gives a soothing look in any bathroom. If you want to make your small – medium-sized bathroom look bigger then you should select lighter colors such as white, grey, or cream. The light color tiles allow the eyes to see a better flow across the bathroom, and if it is applied on walls, it will make your ceiling look tall.

Add creativity to your tile layout

Even if you’re selecting a simple tile, it doesn’t make your bathroom look boring if you install them in innovative ways. If your bathroom is small-medium sized then you can make it look bigger by laying your selected tiles in a diagonal pattern. This pattern stratagems our mind into conceiving that space is larger than it is. When the square tiles are laid in a diagonal pattern, our brain struggles into figuring out how many tiles are there. Another trick to make your bathroom enormous and gigantic is to use rectangle tiles with a size of 30*60 cm. If rectangle tiles are installed horizontally along with the floor, it will show the illusion that the walls are broader than they actually are and if it is installed vertically, it will make the room taller or longer If it is installed on the floor.

You can experience wood-effect tiles to give an aged and distressed look to the flooring. If you want a monochrome style bathroom, then plain black and white bathroom tiles are the best options to create a chessboard theme. If you feel like being artistic then mosaic tiles can be selected to create minimalist patterns. Whatever tile and layout you choose, make sure that your floor tiles and those wall tiles give a harmonious look.

Recognize the feel-factor

While selecting the tiles it is important to ask yourself “What kind of feeling do I want from my bathroom?”. If you want a spa-like feeling then you must choose nature-inspired tiles. Slate travertine, natural stone effect, and marble effect will also give a deep-rooted nature appearance. You can also complement them with natural wood tones for a calm and refreshing look. After all, the right tiles can display your bathroom that reflects your personality.