Find the Best Options with the Business Phone Numbers in Trade

Having customer records in your database gives you the possibility, for example, to return missed calls or return calls that fall in the middle of the conversation. Another great point when purchasing a telephone with an extension system is to carry out conferences, including or excluding extensions in a single call to speed up communication. The VoIP platform also offers the advantage of videoconferencing, making it possible to have meetings with employees in different locations without the need to travel. And even if your company has additional offices, you can still integrate all communication to the same number in other locations, making the cost of telephone much lower.

Ease of implementation, Cost reduction, as it centralizes several channels in the exact center, Calls waiting, Calls records, Call transfers, Mobility and comfort of answering your calls anywhere in the world, Conferences and video conferences, and happy customers with fast service. Make use of the Business Phone number to be prepared for business connections.

How Many Extensions Can I Have In My Company?

The PABX or VoIP extension system gives you the possibility of having multiple internal channels. It is helpful to have different extensions serving all sectors and employees of your company according to your need and without having fixed points for implementation. Thus, when contacting your company, the customer already chooses to be directed to the sector to solve their problem or another request best. With the extension, you offer a great experience with speed and quality, so consider how to invest according to what you need, own, or shared extensions to have the extensions in a profitable and properly distributed way.

How to Implement the Extension System

Now that you know the importance of this system, let’s tell you what you need to invest in working optimally. The first step is to have a central device that will distribute the call flow to the available channels. Extensions can be received by landlines, cell phones, and also IP phones which will optimize the experience of internal communication removing the obligation to keep you tied up in a base to answer your calls. If you want to know more about IP phones, click here. SoftPhone, software that allows calls to be made via computers, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones, uses VoIP technology and offers a multimedia experience through voice, image and data.

As well as the WebPhone application, which offers a function similar to SoftPhone, the investment would be in electronic devices, as mentioned, for the installation of these systems. Of course, don’t forget to hire a specialized company like the Ooma alternatives and other company, to guide you in installing and operating the system according to your company’s needs.

If the area selected by the operator does not answer, the call will be routed to another point to meet the customer’s needs. When the call arrives at the recipient, he can babble with another subject or employee, passing the call from internal to internal without making a new call.

Why It’s Better?

The new generation switchboards have a new feature that allows us to improve life in the workplace. If you receive calls outside of business hours, you can set DISA messages to reproduce the times we set automatically. This type of message can also be set manually when we deem it necessary (it is not mandatory, but it can help us reduce work stress).