Currently, the need for a video on the internet is relatively high. Internet networks are getting better, making people no longer hesitate to open a video. Now, it’s up to the creators. Can they easily present videos?

Video is currently the best way to convey a message. This method is easy to become a distraction on social media to gain engagement. Unfortunately, making videos is quite time-consuming, even costly. Includes the cost of setting up the software.

Therefore I suggest that video makers try an online video maker that can make it easy to make videos at very minimal costs. The name is FlexClip.

What is FlexClip?

FlexClip is an online video maker that makes it easy for you to create, edit, and upload videos online even if you don’t have video editing skills. This online video editing application has various text animations, stock shots, and templates that will make it easier for you to make different kinds of videos.

Video editing skills are hardly required when making videos with FlexClip. Because almost everything is provided online. You don’t even need to download anything and install anything. All you need is an internet connection on a stable computer.

Features in FlexClip

There are a few features you need to keep in mind in FlexClip. This online video editing application has several features that need to be considered for you to use.

  • Free, if not enough, there are paid features too.
  • Simple storyboard, so it’s easy to use.
  • Complete editing tools, so you can get cropping, dividing, text, voice-over, music, watermarks, and other editing tools for free.
  • Supports various types of video files.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • You can add animated text.
  • There is a real-time view of the video being edited.
  • You can download videos with resolutions up to 1080p.
  • Edit videos with strips per input file, making video editing easier.

How to Edit Videos on FlexClip

Immediately, here’s how to edit videos on FlexClip:

  • Please go to the FlexClip website at
  • Then create a FlexClip account if you don’t have one.
  • Select Create by Templates if you want to make a video from the templates provided. Or Start from Scratch if it starts from an empty form.
  • You can enter music, voice-over, and more into the maker.
  • Add a watermark via “Settings” if needed.
  • Select “Export” when you are finished editing the video.


This is an article about FlexClip, an online video maker that you can use to increase social media engagement or YouTube. This video maker is suitable for those who don’t want to bother downloading and installing applications.