In comparison to choosing an engagement ring, a engagement ring is easier to choose. However, there are still several important decisions that you will need to make while doing so. One of the most important decisions is the type of metal that you will choose for your partner’s engagement ring. They are available in a wide range of metals. Here are four types of engagement ring metals that you can choose for your partner’s ring.

1. Yellow – Gold has traditionally been the metal of choice for engagement bands as well as engagement rings with a history dating back to ancient Rome and Greece. Gold itself has several different types and are used widely in engagement bands with yellow gold being the most traditional. Even today, several millennia after it first came into; yellow gold is still one of the most popular engagement band metals for both men and women.

2. White gold – It is made from a combination of pure gold and metals such as nickel, silver or palladium which has a gorgeous shine as well as an elegant color. Traditionally and historically, yellow gold has been more popular for both men and women as a engagement ring metal. However, white gold became very popular over the last decade and is currently the most popular type of engagement ring and engagement bands.

3. Rose gold – It is made of pure gold combined with copper and silver, has a gorgeous pink, red or rose color that is totally unique. Many couple opt for rose gold since it is the most romantic of metals for engagement rings due to it warm, romantic and pink hue. Since rose gold is made using copper, it is typically stronger than yellow or white gold. This makes for a good choice if you are looking for men or women’s engagement ring metal since it offers reasonable wear and scratch resistance.

4. Platinum – This metal is a stunning color with a natural white sheen. Platinum has a gorgeous coloured metal that has subtle signals of luxury and exclusivity. As a metal for engagement bands, solitaire silver platinum is naturally beautiful that has a stunning white color which is similar to that of white gold or palladium. Platinum is durable and has good resistance to wear and corrosion. It is also hypoallergenic which means it is far less likely to trigger skin reactions in people with metal allergies.

Different ring metals vary hugely in terms of durability with some metals being soft, easy to scratch and very delicate, while others are hard, durable and highly resistant to damage. Choose  Engagement Rings Direct   ring  that suits your budget and style. Wear something that matches your style in the long run, something you can wear in the years to come on a regular basis.