Do you know the difference between generic and brand name medications? Generic medicines are copies of brand name drugs that have exactly the same therapeutic effects. The only differences are in price, patent expiration date, and minor details such as shape or color. If you’re not sure about whether to buy generics or not, these 3 reasons should make up your mind:

1) Generics usually cost less than brand names.

Generic medicine in India is usually much cheaper than their brand name counterparts. Not only do they have to compete in price with other generics, but also with the original drug! The difference between generic and brand-name prices is quite substantial: for example, one 30 day supply of Advil costs about RS. 1460 when you buy a competitor’s version at Walmart or Target, while it costs less than half that amount when you opt for an equivalent ibuprofen product made by any Pharmaceuticals. However, even if there were no actual savings (which would be highly unlikely), getting your prescription filled with a generic medicine still makes sense.

2) You can get generics without a prescription. 

It’s true that in some cases, you will need to get a prescription in order to purchase your medication, but this is not always necessary. For example, in the US, if you go to Walmart or Target and find an ibuprofen product made by any Pharmaceuticals, it can be purchased without any kind of doctor’s orders provided you are eighteen years old or older. But let me make something very clear: just because these drugs do not require a prescription does not mean they should be taken lightly! They still have potent effects on the body, which must be respected unless you want dangerous side effects such as bleeding, stomach ulcers, and liver damage. So only buy generics from reputable pharmacies with good reviews and only take the recommended dosage.

And no matter who makes them or where you get your prescription filled, generic medicines are still regulated by the FDA, so they have to meet rigorous standards for safety before being sold in stores. So it’s understandable why some people prefer generics over name brands: not only do they cost less money but also carry fewer risks because of their strict regulation! If you’re on a budget, this is certainly something to consider when choosing between brand name drugs and generics.

3) Generics work just as well as their branded counterpart.

Generics work just as well as their brand name counterparts because they contain the exact same active ingredient and dosage. This ensures that you’ll get the same therapeutic effects and makes it easier for your doctor to make a diagnosis should you ever need additional care! It’s true that there may be some minor differences between generics and non-generics, such as shape, color, or inactive ingredients.

But these details usually do not affect how effective or safe a drug is, so don’t worry about them too much if you take generic medications instead of brand names: chances are all will have roughly equal effects on your body even though they come in different forms.

As you know some of the differences between generic and branded medicines, if you are interested in buying generic medicines to save your money, simply download the right Generic Medicine App and place an order for your medicines.