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9 Characteristics To Look For in A Waterproof Dry Backpack

You need to consider some aspects before buying your waterproof backpack. There are so many out there, but all of them may not be good enough for your requirements. Firstly, you need to decide whether you are looking for a 100% waterproof backpack or just a water-resistant backpack. Sure, there are differences between being just water-resistant and % waterproof. A 100% waterproof backpack can be real waterproof, but it may also be heavier than a water-resistant backpack. Also, it may have fewer features compared to water-resistant ones. 

However, it depends on your requirement. If you really need a backpack that offers no entry to water droplets you need to go for a 100% waterproof backpack. Such a backpack can keep all the water out in case you are drenched in rain. If you have a water-resistant backpack it cannot keep all the water out. This may not be good in case of torrential rain. So, what are the features that you need to look for while buying a waterproof dry backpack? Let us discuss. 

40 L Waterproof Dry Backpack
  • Good shoulder straps

Shoulder straps are very important when you are considering buying a backpack, especially one meant to be waterproof. They must be strong, sturdy, adjustable and comfortable. 

  • Front buckles and side pockets

It must have front buckles and side pockets that help.

  • Good back support

It must offer great back support which lets you adjust the bag to your body size. 

  • High-quality material

It must be made from high-quality materials like eco-friendly PVC or other material that makes it 100% waterproof. However, in case you don’t need a 100% waterproof backpack you can go for high-quality and breathable material. This may have a mesh material for breathability. 

  • One large compartment

Sure, it helps to have several compartments in the back, but you also need to have a large compartment. A large main compartment is essential to pack most of your essential stuff together. So, make sure that it has one large main compartment. 

  • Lightweight

A waterproof dry backpack is meant to accommodate a number of things that may make it heavy. So, the backpack itself must be lightweight. Otherwise, the total weight may become too uncomfortable for you. So, make sure that the backpack is lightweight. 

  • Available in a variety of sizes

The bag must be available in a variety of sizes such as 3L, 5L, and 10L.

  • Compact and durable

Being compact and durable are the other essential features of a dry backpack apart from being lightweight. So, it may be made from ripstop tarpaulin or eco-friendly PVC and have a sturdy welded seam designed for years of use.

  • Tear, rip and puncture-proof

Yes, this is an essential requirement for a dry backpack. It must be so well made that it is tear-proof, rip-proof and puncture-proof. Indeed, having a 100% waterproof backpack that gets easily ripped, torn, or punctured defeats the very purpose of buying such a backpack. 

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Bottom line while buying a good waterproof dry backpack you need to examine these aspects since you are investing a good sum of money for aback.