gojek app clone

The on-demand multi-service app business is in vogue. Every entrepreneur is in the race to make the Best Gojek Clone App, promising great functionality and features to its customers. With the advent of the on-demand app, people today are hugely dependent on such apps. Right from grocery orders to booking a hotel for accommodation, Gojek Clone App will do it all. The best part about this app is it easily accommodates 60+ on-demand services under a single application.

Explaining Gojek Clone App

Gojek Clone App is a customizable ready-made solution that offers 60+ on-demand multiple services primarily under three categories – Transportation/Ride, Delivery services, and On-demand services at the doorstep.

People have to download and register with simple social media log in, and they are all set to order their daily essential needs, and hire various kinds of professional services every time too.

Integrate your Gojek Clone App with new version features that put you ahead in the competition.

New Version Features To Integrate Into Gojek Clone App Malaysia

  • Restricted passenger limits – The driver will restrict the limit of the seating as per the latest COVID19 safety rules
  • Face mask verification – The driver will upload the selfie before the trip into the app verifying wearing the mask
  • Ride cancellation – The driver and the rider both can cancel the ride if either of them is not following the safety rules
  • Safety checklist – The safety checklist is displayed  before the rider confirms the booking
  • Safety ratings and reviews – Once the trip ends the app will ask for the ratings and the feedback
  • Store/restaurant wise commission – The admin can set commission rates accordingly
  • Store/restaurant/item name searching – It makes it easy to search for the stores/restaurants in the nearby location as well as items to add to the cart quickly.
  • Daywise separate time slots – The stores and restaurants can adjust their operational hours accordingly
  • Voice instructions for the delivery drivers – The users can keep specific delivery related instructions for the delivery drivers to follow
  • Order cancellation option for the drivers – The drivers can cancel the deliveries if they are unable to do due to unforeseen circumstances
  • Restaurant to upload pictures – The restaurant owners can upload their kitchen images to let users know about the safety measures they are following
  • Apply toll cost manually – The driver can apply the toll cost manually after the trip  has ended
  • Taxi fare calculations (2 methods) – Either the rider will pay the estimated fare or the will pay as per the road traveled.
  • OTP verification – The driver will ask for the OTP from the rider before starting the trip
  •  Graphical status of the ride – The rider can check the status of the ride in a graphical form via in-app notifications

In Conclusion

Now that we have learned most of the things about the Gojek Clone App in Malaysia, the process to launch this on-demand app is easy and hassle-free. All you have to do is connect with a reliable Gojek Clone App Development company to provide you with the latest features and technology to carry on your business operations seamlessly.

Buying a white-label customized Gojek Clone has its benefits. It enables you to make desired changes, suiting your business requirements. Furthermore, it provides you with the real-time analysis of the reports to improve on the gaps and provide personalized shopping and ordering experience for your customers.