Granite Construction and Decoration

Since time immemorial, builders, architects, artists, artisans and construction companies have quarried stones to create beautiful structures that can withstand the relentless tides of time. From the Pyramids to the stone faces on Easter Island, from the medieval castles of the knights to the modern state-of-the-art skyscrapers, the choice of stones is a matter of extreme importance.

From high mansions to small houses, everyone wants to have a solid construction that is a joy to the eye and is reliable. The choice of stones can be tricky and needs careful thought as the market is full of options. A wrong choice and you can end up in a never-ending cycle of maintenance, repairs and replacements. Don’t follow the rut; as granite suppliers Chicago has the solutions to your problem.

Parameters to Understand

Specific parameters allow one to choose the best for their homes. The stones being the basic unit of the structure have to fall in specific criteria. The criterion is as follows

  • The durability of the Stone
  • Chemical composition of the stone
  • Resistance to fire and Germs
  • Color resistance
  • Strength and Hardness

The above parameters are the set standards at granite suppliers Chicago and granite slabs Chicago. They make sure to provide you with the best granite slabs and stones for the house of your dreams. If you understand these parameters, then selecting the perfect stone for the exact purpose becomes easy. Granite is one of the significant rocks used in the construction industry. But why Granite?

Attributes of Granite

Granite stone comes second to diamonds, rubies and sapphires in the domain of strength and durability. You need proof; visit Mount Rushmore. This gift of nature is the go-to element for the construction of interior and exterior structures. It is used in the construction of steps, driveways, fireplaces, and kitchen countertops.

Its unique colours and swirly grain patterns are suitable for modern, Tuscan or contemporary kitchens. Its resistance to bacteria is second to stainless steel. Its various textures, including the rough, flamed one, are predominantly used in exterior patterns. The granite slabs Chicago cater to its customers’ needs and provides them with the best quality cuts.

Granite is used as a construction material as a decoration, as a dimension and an architectural stone. Granite usage as an exterior and interior construction stone makes it unique and a symbol of prestige. Its usage is for the creation of an impression which defines beauty, elegance and quality. The following features and advantages consolidate this diverse use of granite.

The wide range of textures, colours and finishes makes granite a dream project for interior decorators and architects. The finished product gives your property a look to behold. The colours and quality enhance the value of the property. The colours do not fade and will remain the same after many years after its installation.

The modern look and refinement are enhanced further by the ease which you feel regarding maintenance. It is resistant to strains and is hypoallergenic. It withstands moisture and high temperature.

The kitchen countertops are trendy these days because of the durability of the stone. Besides kitchens, granite is used in steps, curbs and other decorative structures to give your house a sophisticated look.

Granite easily harmonizes with interior materials such as metal, wood and other stones. This characteristic makes it the first choice for any house, and architects are happy to play with the colours to give your home an ideal look. The house or structure becomes identified with you and a reflection of your inner self. It is like the stone harmonizes with your personality as well.

Granite also acts as protection against climatic elements. In buildings, it acts as a protective layer against the vital elements of nature. Granite supplies Chicago provides you with the quality stones you need to spend a life of elegance and a healthy choice for an elegant lifestyle.

Keeping the attributes mentioned above in mind, the readers should know that granite is used to make other products. You may know them but may not have realized the versatile utilization of granite in such contexts. Some uses of granite are widespread, but some are extraordinary.

  • Granite is used to manufacturing the “rocks” used in the exciting game of Curling stones. The granite of the curling stones is not ordinary. Its purpose is to absorb repetitive impact without any chipping and stay polished so that the “rocks” could skid smoothly. Curling stones came to the United States’ limelight when the US won a Gold Medal in the Winter Olympics.
  • Granite serves to make grave markers. Marble also fulfils the same purpose, but the durability of Granite makes it the primary contender. Marble usually wears off with time.
  • Mount Rushmore is a tribute to the great Presidents of the United States, and the stone faces are carved out into granite. The elegant stone has recorded the expressions of the great men for eternity. Mount Rushmore is proof that granite can weather the storm of climatic changes.
  • The blue azurite Gem, also known as the K2 Azurite Granite, which is very popular in the United States, comes from granite stones at the base of the world’s second-highest peak.

Granite supplies Chicago and granite slabs Chicago is keen on giving you the best quality cuts that you can cherish for the rest of your life.


It is a dilemma of the world that when something gets trendy and famous, it gives rise to opposite opinions. The most common and often discussed misconception regarding granite, which developed over time, was its harmful impact upon food items. The construction standards devised in the United States and quality control checkers would not compromise its citizens’ safety.


Whether it is for your house, the streets or squares, the dynamic granite is an excellent product. The product cascades elegance and grace when used in the right way. Granite is durable and reliable. This reliability makes it the prime choice for construction and decoration. So, if you want to enhance the beauty of your place then decorating it with high-quality granite is all you need. So without further ado reach out to us and we will be at your service.