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We are going to explain how to hide the Like count of your Instagram posts , so that other users cannot see who has given a Like to your posts. It is a new option that Facebook has begun to implement on Instagram , and that little by little is reaching all users. When you activate it, only you will be able to see this count of likes or reproductions if it is a video, and the rest of the users will not see anything.

The screenshots in this article are from iOS because we got to an iPhone first, but the methodology to make these changes should be the same in the Android version of Instagram as well . It is a function that will gradually arrive, so it may take some time to have it. With this method, you can hide the likes and view counts on specific posts , and you will have to go one by one because there is no method to put it by default. You can buy instagram followers and likes uk

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It is not a mystery to anyone that the ‘Likes’ or  Likes  on Instagram are almost  the basis of the social network,  both in Spain and in other countries of the world. A greater or lesser number of ‘Likes’ can determine the reach or even the growth of the users that are advertised in the app . Thus, Instagram has given users the option so that they can hide.

This is an option that has  been in the making for years,  and it has not been until now that it has finally left the Facebook test space to be officially implemented in the application. Of course, it does so in a somewhat different way than how this feature was conceived months ago.

Because at first it was thought to completely hide the  likes,  but this time with a little twist; both the authors of the publications and the users who follow them will be able to see  who has ‘liked’  said publication. One way to avoid the side effect of removing  likes:  bots.

This last detail is important, since surely the complete elimination of ‘likes’ in publications would have caused many users who make use of the purchase of followers in the form of bots to abuse the system to hide inflated publications. Thus, we can always check who has ‘liked’ said publications and check if these  likes  are real or not.

It should be clarified that you will have to carry out the procedure with each of your publications. That is, the ‘Likes’ of your publications will not be hidden automatically, but you can choose which ones do. The author of the publication will be able to continue reviewing the ‘Likes’ and their number, by clicking on the list of users who have  liked.

Of course, the followers of the author of the publication will be aware of this. Instagram will notify you with a message and will only show the complete list of users, which can still be reviewed. To do so, the user will only have to click on the 3 little buttons on a publication and activate the hiding.

Another important detail of this change is that we will be able to hide  the figures of all Instagram,  whether it is the number of reproductions or the number of ‘Likes’ in publications. This will help users conditioned by these figures to hide them in order to reduce toxicity.

Instagram itself has ensured that this latest change precisely solves the social pressure generated in a social network in which growth and influence are key. In their tests, concealing these numbers helped reduce this pressure and the tendency to make comparisons. In addition, all these adjustments also reach Facebook.