search engine optimization for attorneys

The Internet has raised the bar of competition in this modern world. The competition has increased for the business of every kind including for attorneys and their law firms. Thanks to search engines like Google and Yahoo that have made it easy for everyone to make their presence online and help reach potential clients. It is easier for clients and research among tons of competitors and decides to hire a particular attorney for their problems.

But if you noticed, the keyword here is “tons of competitors.” This is because many attorneys practice law in a similar field as yours and look almost the same as you when it comes to online presence. As a result, thousands of suggestions are shown to him when your potential client searches for an attorney on a search engine.

In such situations, your law firm’s website needs to rank well on the search engine and show up at the top of the list when searched for something similar to the field you work in. This can be done by optimizing search engine optimization (SEO) for attorneys and law firms.

Here are four proven tactics of SEO for attorneys:

Your law firm website has to be user-friendly

Almost everyone in the current time is using a smartphone to search for things online. With more people searching for attorneys on their mobile phones to represent them, having a user-friendly mobile site is essential for converting visitors to clients.

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Determine target keywords

Determining your keywords is the essential step in optimizing your law firm’s website. The more specific and targeted keywords, the more your website will attract the quantity and quality of online traffic.

Optimizing home page with keywords

Make sure everything primary in your home pages, such as headlines, sub-headers that break up topics, your call to action, and even the content on the home page, should have keywords in it. The primary things on your home should consist of the keyword that you want to rank highest for, for example: “Fort Worth adoption attorney.” Then, when someone searches for the same, the keyword in your headline will help you rank higher on the search engine.

Your website should have a fast load speed. 

You used the right keyword, ranked higher on search engines, and thus the visitor landed on your website; even if you have quality content on your website, but the website page takes forever to load, the visitor will just jump to your competitor, ignoring you. Read more information about law firm PPC by clicking here.

Understanding What is a Law Firm PPC?

In the past, having a website and a solid search engine optimization strategy was enough for you as an attorney and law firm to be found online on search engines. Times have changed. As an attorney who faces massive online competition, you can’t afford to settle for the job that is half done. You need to take digital marketing to another level to make a solid online presence.

More room is made on the search engine for the paid search listing, and the natural results of (unpaid) websites ranking higher in the past have been pushed further and further down.

This means that even if your website has a solid search engine optimization and is listed as the No. 1 organic result on page 1, online users will still see 3-4 ads by other attorneys who have paid to get featured on the top of the search engine. Such ads are called Pay Per Click ads or PPC.

PPC ads work on keywords that you use in your website pages. You simply bid on a particular keyword or multiple keywords, and when searched for the same keyword on the search engine by the visitor, your website appears on the top of the search engine page.

But as the name suggests, you are only charged when a visitor clicks on your website’s ad rather than how many times the ad is shown to the visitors.

The secret to getting noticed in search engines today is to have a solid search engine strategy focusing on organic and paid listings.

To conclude –

Whether you are trying to build a law firm or maintain your law firm’s success, having a solid SEO strategy combined with paid listings is essential to stand out from others.