Different models of automobiles require different types of headlight bulbs. Since headlights are a critical component of your vehicle- you can’t drive safely without them in rain, fog, night, or dark tunnels, it is essential that you choose only the most reliable pair of headlight bulbs for your automobile. Here is a guide for picking the best headlight bulb to illuminate your rides on the road.

Best headlight bulb brands in India

While the internet is flooded with auto parts and accessories, not all of them are authentic and reliable. Here are four of the most renowned brands for car headlights:

  • Philips
  • Bosch
  • Potauto
  • Osram

All these brands are internationally-renowned brands that provide a versatile range of headlights bulbs that are not only high-quality, super bright, and long-lasting, but are affordable enough to fit rightly in the Indian budget bracket.

Choosing the right headlight bulb for your car

Here are a few things to consider before choosing a set of headlight bulbs for your automobile:

●    Types of headlight bulb

  • Halogen

Halogen bulbs utilise a mix of gas with an electricity-generated filament to produce light. They are most popular for their low replacement costs and long lifespan. They are also available in a wide range of fittings.

  • LEDs

LED headlight bulbs provide bright light that is visible in both nighttime and daytime. They are most favourable as they are energy-efficient. However, the initial fitting cost of LED bulbs is quite high.

  • Xenon

Xenon light bulbs are two or three times brighter than regular halogen bulbs and they even use less power than xenon bulbs. However, most times, the light is so bright to annoy the fellow riders and bypassers on the road.

●    The right headlight fitting

The fitting of a headlight bulb refers to its base’s shape and size in order to make it fit accurately in the vehicle. The very first thing to consider is the fitting of the vehicle compatible with your car. There are different ways to figure this out:

  • You can refer to the user’s manual provided by your manufacturer.
    • The headlight bulb already installed on your car will be imprinted with its type of fitting. Remove the bulb and look on its base to see the right fitting.
    • You can drive to your local mechanic and ask him for help.
    • You can also look for ‘car headlight bulb size finder’ on the internet. This is a simple software that asks for your car’s model and manufacturing year and then instantly presents the right bulb fitting for it.

●    Key features

Here are three key features that you must look for in car headlight bulbs:

  • Weatherproofing

Although the headlight bulbs are covered by glass covers, rain, dust, and dirt can still find their way in.

  • Lighting mechanism

Different types of bulbs, that is halogen, xenon, and LED bulbs, use different mechanisms and different amounts of energy to operate.

  • Installation features

Headlight bulbs with a ‘plug-and-play’ feature are easier to install. If the bulb doesn’t come with this feature, then other wires and connections are needed.

●    Life expectancy

The lifespan of a bulb is an important factor to consider if you want to save yourself from the hassle of changing the bulbs frequently.

●    Brightness

Brighter bulbs will give you a better front and side view of the road. However, they do not last much longer as they work harder to produce more light.

●    Whiteness

High-intensity white lights can help you spot road signage easily. They are also known to be safer than any other types of car headlight bulbs.


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