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The importance of healthy living cannot really be underestimated. Every living human wishes to live a long and fulfilling life, devoid of illness. While it is true that wealth certainly can bring a modicum of happiness, it is also true that health is wealth. Having billions of dollars in one’s bank account while having to spend it all on expensive chemotherapies and other expensive treatments to treat terminal illnesses such as cancer is not a situation any would wish upon themselves.

Fortunately, today, there are advanced therapies and treatments for different ailments. With the development of technology, as well as ground breaking research in the field of medicine every day, there is a wider range of remedies available today than there were only 50 years ago. 

The expression medical tourism or medicinal tourism is a combination of two words; rather very self explanatory. Simply put, medicinal tourism is the act of international travel for medical treatment or medical benefit. The need to travel for medical purposes is more than often a direct result of the availability of a particular type of treatment. Despite the global advance in medical technology, several countries are far behind most of the western world in this regard. For many, there is little or no access to primary healthcare. However, the principal reason for this is a lack of specialized healthcare. The type that is specific, delicate, and should or can only be performed by the very best in the profession.

For such procedures, the option for many is to travel to another country, one where they can get excellent treatment, and therapy.

Medicinal Tourism in Mexico

There are a number of procedures available to tourists seeking medicinal treatment, in Mexico. A handful of them are discussed briefly below:

Red Light Therapy

This type of treatment is a special one for the skin, as well as in the healing of certain body tissues. The procedure involves exposure to red infrared light, which cannot be seen by the naked eye but can be felt by the body as heat. Another name for this treatment is low level laser therapy and photobiomodulation. The light acts upon the mitochondria in the somatic cells, helping them generate more energy in the body, subsequently helping the body heal faster in injury cases. It is used to treat dementia, dental pain and hair loss, among other things. 

Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are a procedure that provides a rather safe method of treating pain, especially diseases of the musculoskeletal type. EMF is scientifically proven to relieve pain from musculoskeletal disease. Studies also indicate no side effects to the therapy.

A la carte prices for these procedures will often vary from as low as fifty dollars to about two or three hundred dollars. The complexity of the procedures determines the cost of the procedures. For instance, procedures and therapies such as EMF therapy or intramuscular injections generally cost less than 100 dollars, with the likes of intravenous laser blood illumination costing upwards of a hundred dollars.