Here Are 5 Tips For You Who Want Perfect Hair Extensions

Do you dream of having a long and shiny lock of hair? You’re not alone. You are also not alone in experiencing the ways to make your hair grow faster as quite slow. But there is another way. Maybe you’ve heard of hair extensions or human hair water wave bundles with closure?

When you buy hair extensions online, you choose whether you want help to attach and style it or if you want to fix the straight bundles with closure on your own. What should you think about before your hair makeover?

1. Book an appointment for a free consultation at a hair salon

Many hair salons offer free consultation before you get hair extensions. Take advantage of the free help! Through the hair professionals’ valuable knowledge, you increase the chances of choosing the right form of hair extension, whether you then do the extension yourself or do it at the hair salon. During the consultation, you will receive tips on both hair color and materials

2. Consider having a professional insert the loose hair

It is considerably more expensive to let a professional insert the loose hair, no doubt. The cost difference can even consist of thousands of dollars. It is therefore completely understandable if you choose to fix the hair extension or straight hair with closure on your own – and in fact you get better and better at attaching the loose hair nicely. At Naij hair, you can get professional hair extension help as well as buy hair extensions and deep wave hair with closure online. Thanks to the skilled hands of the knowledgeable hairdressers, you get perfectly long hair straight away, without any detours at all. If you follow hair’s care instructions, the hairstyle will last a long time…

3. Follow the care instructions for the loose hair so that it lasts

In order for the loose hair to stay nice, it is important that you follow the care instructions for it. The care varies depending on whether it is a synthetic or real hair extensions and applies to everything from how you should brush to how you should wash it. Add to that how you should sleep with the hair extensions! There are special hair care products for hair extensions. These can make all the difference in the world for how long the fine quality lasts. 

4. Remove the hair extensions within three months

Two months, three months…? How long the hair extensions last varies, but you MUST eventually remove and / or renew them. Walking around with an “old” extension wears on your normal hair and counteracts the purpose of getting a long, shiny lock of hair. You do not necessarily have to buy new hair extensions, just redo the extension itself.

5. Get an even nicer result with real hair extensions

The quality of the loose hair affects the overall impression. Nowadays, there are many beautiful synthetic hair extensions, but real hair extensions are still perceived as the most beautiful because they look the most natural.

My color does not exist!

Despite the fact that there are over 60 shades in the range, it sometimes happens that certain color combinations are simply missing. Then you can easily mix your own effect loops with the help of solid colors. Here we guide you:

Mix & Match

By mixing colors on your hair extensions, you can easily get nice color and curl effects.

How to do it – Tape

  1. Buy two or more packages of different shades.
  2. Attach one color below and meet up with another color above.
  3. Mix and match as you like. Clear!

How to do it – Nail Hair / Stick Hair

  1. Buy two or more packages of different shades.
  2. Depending on how you want your color effects to be visible, you attach the loose hair.
  3. Some prefer to put every other color, every other loop on each passé. Others mix color on whole rows and attach every other passé with different colors.