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The conversion rate is the main factor to be successful in the paid search campaign. Relevant and positive keywords, advertisements are the main things to increase the conversion rate. On the other hand, few things can hinder the paid search conversion rates. Reach out to the Best PPC Company in Delhi for improving Pay per click rates for your site.

1) High Prices

The price structure is one of the necessary parts to rethink. It is something which you must research before fixing the price of your thing. If your product’s price is high, and that product can be found somewhere else at a low price, then it can hinder your paid search rate. Around 82 % of the purchasers from Amazon report that price is the vital factor. 

The price competitiveness tool of Google can help in ensuring the prices are not more than the standard price. An increase in prices above the benchmark market price can put off your potential consumers. 

2) Compete with Amazon

In the e-commerce marketplace, Amazon is dominant. For Amazon’s sales performance, no other companies can come close to it. 89% of the customers trust Amazon. The site has millions of users, and the products are too good.

One way to benefit your company is the differentiation element between the products on your website and Amazon. Try to compare prices for the same products. 

Pay attention to two things while comparing:

•Shipping rates

•delivery dates

3) Track the problems

When it comes to measuring paid search performance, tracking issues are vital. Many reasons are there for the poor performance of the non-brand activities when moving to new websites. Removing Gclid tracking from particular pages’ URLs is an example of that. Sometimes, the brand forgets to exclude the www version of the domain in Google Analytics.

When you add the domain to referral exclusion, it gets rid of self-referrals. It is to the untagged landing pages. The correct attribution can be missing. One solution is there- tagging the landing pages of yours. Lastly, check to track for making sure that your data is working as intended.

4) Shipping time and the prices

Shipping prices and shipping time are vital too. Consumers do not always wish to have free shipping, but they seek out it. Customers want to buy products from those sites where shipping is free, though with prime accounts. Free shipping compels in increasing sales.

Shipping time has to be less, not more than six weeks. Waiting for orders to be delivered after a long time is awful for customers. So delayed shipping has negative impacts on consumers.


Sometimes, you are optimizing and implementing correct strategies, but few other factors can have a negative impact. Those can hinder your paid search conversion rates. Investing money for driving traffic is fine, but with that, you need to identify the problems. Fix them for improving conversion rates to increase revenue. The best PPC Company in Delhi, like TYC Communication, can point out the hindering components and help you in improving those things.