A website needs to be compelling enough for more people to click on it and consume its content. The more it is optimized, the better rank it will get on the search engine results page.

However, this process can be slow and protracted. To expedite the matters, you can implement a Black Hat SEO strategy. The best way to get the most out of this strategy is by hiring the Best SEO Agency in Delhi.

Cloaking is one of the many black hat SEO practices that can help a website take a quantum leap on the SERP. It is a process in which the content you are serving to the search engine bots is varied from what you are presenting to the users.

Forms of Cloaking

  • IP-based

In this form of cloaking, specific web pages are presented based on the IP address to redirect the users. The IP address can be identified using reverse DNS lookups for turning the users.

  • User-Agent

Web browsers can act as user-agent to provide information about a website to the users. Whenever you enter something, a code is sent to the server. The cloaked content is presented once the server identifies the user-agent as a crawler.

  • JavaScript

In this, those who have disabled JavaScript are presented with different content from those who have enabled JavaScript.

  • HTTP Accept-language

Cloaked content is delivered to the users if the HTTP Accept-language request header matches with the results.


This is the form of cloaking in which the HTTP_REFERER request header gets checked so that either the uncloaked or cloaked content can be presented.

How to Use Cloaking in SEO?

  • Hidden Text

When the color of the text is the same as the background’s, it becomes hidden. This is a great way to use cloaking in SEO.

  • Flash Websites

Some websites still use flash. Instead of coding the website entirely in HTML, they focus on building rich content websites. They provide this to the search engine program and the flash version to the users.

  • Rich HTML Websites

The ‘Text to HTML ratio’ of a website should be high. This means that the text of a webpage should be more than the HTML tags. If this ratio is low, cloaking can be used to match the SEO guidelines.

  • JavaScript Replacement

In this, JavaScript can be used to present content to users who have not enabled JavaScript. This can be done based on the text matches in Flash.


You can get your website to rank on the top of the search engine results page through cloaking. TYC Communication, an SEO Agency in Delhi, can help you implement this black hat SEO strategy to increase your website visits. Using different forms of cloaking like IP-based, User-Agent, JavaScript, etc., you can redirect people to your webpage. These can help you serve content to users different from what you present to the search engine bots or spiders.