Mini Australian Labradoodle for Adoption

Are you planning on adopting a new dog? It is not just about giving shelter to rescue or abandoned dogs, it also helps you improve your health. Yes! You may not know but adopting a pet works wonders for your health too, there are numerous benefits that impact your mental and physical health in a positive manner.

If you are looking forward to choosing a mini-Australian Labradoodle in Adoption, you will be bringing home a long-life best friend. This mixed breed, developed from Poodles, Labrador retriever, American Cocker Spaniels, and Irish Water Spaniel. The goal of the Australian Labradoodle was to have a new purebred with its own standards. The ‘Labradoodle’ first came in 1955 and did not gain popularity until decades later. Whenever one needs a reliable companion or a guide dog but has extreme allergies to a dog, this hybrid makes a perfect fit.

Before you adopt one, here are a few things that you must know about Australian Labradoodles…


Nobody can overlook their cuddly looks and innocent eyes, there are three types of coats that you should know about:

  • Wool-Textured: This breed is available in such lamb’s wool and feels like cotton to the touch. You will like you are holding a poodle but with a loose spiral that opens up easily and makes a perfect cuddle buddy.
  • Fleece-Textured: Having a silky soft coat that ranges from straight to open fleece and even wavy ones.
  • Hair-Coat: Another type of coating that is available- straight or wavy, the hair-type feel and may have the doggy odour. If you prefer your Doodle to be long or short-haired, this means a lower maintenance coat and less shedding.


Australian Labradoodles have great qualities but dog owners often feel that they have more responsibilities than just taking out the dog for walks. Besides inheriting potential health issues from their parents, the Australian Labradoodle comes in three different sizes, this means, the owner would have to look over the specific needs of the Doodle you choose. You may have to avoid a few things when taking care of your Mini Australian Labradoodle such as, not letting them jump off furniture, going up and down the stairs, do not overfeed them as they may gain excessive weight. After all, the best thing to show your little friend how much you love them is by taking care of them.

Now, the thing that everyone thinks about way too much is their temperament.

Australian Labradoodle is loyal, gentle, and sociable. Since they are not aggressive towards people or kids, they make an excellent pal. You should know that they are intelligent and learn quickly, therefore, you can easily train them. In fact, they are used as therapy and service dogs having great qualities like friendly, easy to train, and gentle. Australian Labradoodle are hyperactive dogs, naturally playful, and make a lifelong companion to their humans. They need a large amount of exercise and daily activity for at least 30 to 60 minutes.

You can try getting an Australian Labradoodle for rescue in Florida and bring home your best friend.