Giving birth to a baby is the most important moment in your life. The joy of these moments grows when our preparations starts prior to their arrival. Delivery of a baby is a time when you will be staying away from your home. It may take some days to return back so, your bag should be ready by 36 weeks or 37 weeks pregnant, before going to hospital to avoid any kind of fuss at the last moment.

There are so many lists available that tell you what to pack in your hospital bag for your delivery and upcoming baby. Yellow Doodle have prepared an ultimate hospital bag checklist for all the moms to be there. We promise that it will include everything that you will require!

This checklist will assist you in packing your pregnancy hospital bag so that you have everything you need for yourself and your new baby. If you have a moment, see what your hospital has on hand or provides so you don’t have to bring those items. Then, once you’ve packed your maternity bag, keep it handy, either in the car or by the door, so you’re ready to go at a moment’s notice.

For the new mom:

1. Dressing gowns: Yes, hospital provides you with the gown, but you can also purchase your own or can consider wearing your nightgown preferably the dark colored. Remember to use only loosely fitted nightgown that can be easy to access for monitoring during delivery and breastfeeding.

2. Slippers:  Bring a pair of slippers for you. It will help you in protecting your feet while going to washroom or walking around in your hospital room. Yes, hospitals do provide with the slippers but there is nothing wrong in bringing your own, if you are personal hygiene conscious.

3. Toiletries: Simple travel shampoos, toothpaste/toothbrushes, a brush, deodorant and a bar of soap are sufficient to carry in your toiletries items.

4. Undergarment essentials: Hospital’s undergarments will be helpful in the first day of heavy postpartum bleeding. However, it may be more comfortable to slip in to your own. Consider to purchase one or two size up than your regular size, as you will be wearing pads inside. Also, go for the dark colors as they hide the stains well.

5. Pads: Hospitals usually provide thick pads. So, if you like thinner one you can bring them from your home.

6. Nursing pads: They are very useful in breastfeeding. They can be used inside your regular or a nursing bra. They will absorb breast milk leaked from breast to prevent embarrassment and also protects your clothes from stain.

For the new born:

1. Diapers or nappies: Keep a pack of about 20-30 cloth nappies or diapers made especially for your new born, like Yellow doodle dry Nappies. Your new born might use 10 – 12 nappies each day, so keep you stock ready.

2. Baby wipes: Our newborn’s skin is very sensitive. Therefore, it’s advisable to use only organic cotton made baby wipes like, Yellow doodle organic muslin wipes in the initial weeks as, they will be very gentle on the newborn’s skin.

3. Swaddles: This will help in wrapping the baby. Try using soft and muslin swaddle as, Yellow doodle organic luxury swaddle. It will keep your baby warm, snug, and secure.

4. Blanket: Although, hospitals will provide you the baby blankets. But, it is always advisable to carry your own to avoid any sort of skin to skin contact. Try choosing only those blankets that are made up of muslin cotton, like yellow doodle muslin blankets as they will be great for your newborn’s sensitive skin.

5. Baby bibs: You can pack Doodle dribble bibs for your newborn to prevent dribbles from getting on your cloth.

6. Baby vest: Do buy vest as innerwear for your baby.

7. Baby wear: Consider the weather and pack Baby wear essential set for your newborn. It will be used as going home outfit during the warmer months, but in the winter, pack mittens as well as a jacket or snow suit.

In the end, what you pack for your hospital or birth center stay is entirely up to you and your specific requirements. Make a list of the items you believe are necessary for your own comfort and well-being.

And don’t worry if you forget something! Don’t pack your bag in the time for labor. Most likely, you’ll have most of what you’ll need on hand or you can shop from Yellow Doodle – a best Organic baby brand in India for organic baby products that your Newborn Must Have.

We will be glad to deliver happiness at your door step!!!