hotel and tourism management

Tourism is one of my favorite activities. Be the budget small or large, tourism is always exciting. The field of hotels and tourism is thus experiencing profits with each passing year. The pandemic hit has made people realize that tourism is an essential part of the economy of each country. This realization has made people make the field of hotel and tourism to be brought into the limelight. The tourism field with this limelight is experiencing a surge in each aspect of the field. Hotelling is also an essential part of tourism and therefore, both the fields of hotel and tourism go hand-in-hand. The surge has also made it essential that the field can serve the customers most professionally. The dire need of professionals in the field has asked for structured courses. The Tourism Management Colleges in Kolkata have made an effort in the same direction. Students with an interest in the hotel and tourism sector must check the details given below.

Hotel and Tourism Management Course Details:

The structured curriculum is offered by many hotels and tourism management colleges in India. The trend is showing that students are highly inclined towards the program because of the skill orientation that is involved in the course. The Tourism Management Colleges in Kolkata such as Krystal School of Excellence are highly appreciated for the curriculum that these colleges offer. The course is offered by the name of ‘Hotel and tourism Management’. Students learn about different sectors of hotel and tourism management which are described in the following points-

  1. Introduction to hospitality and tourism- The introductory classes help students in understanding the scopes of the field. With the increasing importance of the field, students can explore each sector with a better understanding in the coming semesters.
  2. Entrepreneurship- With each passing semester, students explore the part of entrepreneurship that students must understand. Students understand that they can pursue a career in association with leading companies as well as start their ventures.
  3. Personality development- The field is all about personality and making impressions on the customer. Therefore, the structured curriculum helps students in developing a vibrant personality.
  4. Information technology- Students understand that how communication is a vital part of hotel and tourism management. The intricacies of information technology are essential for students and help them in operating smoothly.
  5. Quality management- The hotel and tourism management include food as the most impressive aspect. Students learn about quality management through protocols and can apply them successfully.
  6. Internships- Students have to mandatorily acquire an internship in the last semester of the program. This provides students a chance to explore global opportunities and apply the knowledge acquired throughout the program. To know more, visit the website and apply for admissions.


The minimum educational qualification required to enroll in the program of hotel and tourism management is the 12th standard passing certificate. Students from any stream can avail admission of such professional courses. The 12th passing certificate can be attained from the state board, CBSE, ICSE, or equivalent curriculum. After completion of the program, students can apply for different job roles like managers, chefs, quality control assistants, etc.,


Students should take benefits from such professional courses. The hotel industry is experiencing a boom. Students can explore the global opportunities and avail benefits because of the degree programs. The credits will provide leverage to the students.