Cellulite is formation of lumpy fat beneath your skin and it causes dimpled looks on your body parts such as abdomen, thighs, arms, breasts, and buttocks. It is formation of solid fat under the skin as body deposits excess fat between the connective tissues and upper skin. When the fat deposit gets out of proportions it start pushing skin upward while the connective tissues pull down. This contradicting actions form uneven skin forming dimpled and bumpy body parts. No amount of exercise or weight loss programs is able to get rid of the fat. However there are effective cellulite removal treatment Toronto available and one can opt for them and reduce the cellulite appearance.

It is a common phenomenon among women who have gone through the process of puberty and women exceeds in percentage than man when it comes to developing cellulite. Though it is harmless it can significantly disfigure people and make the look gross and ugly. While women have this condition at 80 to 90% only 10% of men have it. The following factors will determine the amount of cellulite you have accumulated in your body:

  • Genetics
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Skin thickness
  • Amount of body fat

When your skin loses its elasticity the appearance of cellulite is vividly evident and gaining weight will pronounce the appearance more. Cellulite is not restricted to fat people as it has been evident in people who are lean and thin. Cellulite though does not harm physical health it can significantly disfigure you and make you look unpleasant.

How to get rid of cellulite?

You can get rid of cellulite with Lipomassage treatment which is a non-invasive cellulite treatment. You can diagnose cellulite by your appearance or by pinching body parts like thighs, buttocks, arms and abdomen. In some people it is easily identifiable with their dimples but with some you will have to pinch the skin to find cellulite formation. Lipomassage is a harmless massage treatment administered by trained technicians under the supervision of a dermatologist. The massage is carried out using specially made massage heads which clutch dimpled skin and knead it to loosen fat. The massage heads or rollers are capable of multi-directional movements and when you apply them on the skin the rollers clutch the fat and flatten them and drain them naturally. The loosened body fat is used as energy by the body and rest is flushed out through body drainage system. The treatment though not permanent can last for six months to one year and you and you can always go back for another session if cellulite forms again.