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I am so glad I ordered custom burger boxes for my business, as it has given my garage business an identity. One day my husband suddenly found out that he was out of a job due to the COVID crisis. Most companies were going through a downsizing procedure. A few months later, I was also jobless. We knew that we needed to find ourselves jobs right away to survive. I have always been a good cook. Cooking is therapeutic for me. Even in the days of COVID, I was cooking for my unwell friends. One fine day my close friend asked me to start a home cooking business from my garage. I started offering pasta and soups during the peak COVID days but soon added burgers and other items. The custom burger boxes became my marketing tool in promoting my business. 

Promotion and marketing through burger boxes 

You might be wondering how the burger boxes helped me promote my business? Well, for starters, I did full-scale research about what I could print on these boxes. I wanted my customers to know;

  1. Who I was?
  2. What my business was offering?
  3. How I was working?

I knew that honesty was the best policy. So I used the inner side of the printed burger boxes to print my story. I wanted my potential market to know that I was a newbie in the food business and that I was willing to customize their orders according to their tastes IF they informed and confirmed my order 24 hours beforehand. I printed a picture of myself along with my husband on the inner side of the box lid so that the customers can recognize us when dealing with us.  The lid exterior was reserved for branding and other information. 

My biodegradable burger packaging boxes have information about;

  1. Contact details 
  2. Facebook and Insta accounts
  3. WhatsApp details 
  4. Promotional deals
  5. Branding elements and much more 

on a custom printed sleeve that goes around the box. I wanted to use biodegradable boxes, as I knew that they were made from recycled material and could decompose by themselves. I knew that this decomposition is not harmful to the planets or living beings. I wanted to provide greener packaging solutions to my potential customers through my burger boxes

The burger packaging boxes were not the only thing I ordered for my business. As the COVID peak ended and people came back to life, many individuals preferred to eat while on the go. So, I ordered hexagonal burger holders for them. Although they are small, yet they have space enough to print any business’s logo and other brand elements on it. On the plus side, they look super cute as well and grab the attention of the viewers. Within a month of using custom boxes for burger I started getting more orders. Within a month of using burger custom boxes, I started getting more orders. My customer market started growing and they started demanding that I extended my menu to include breakfast items like muffins and bagels. They confessed that waiting in the queues early morning just to get a bagel to go with coffee was tiresome for many. 

Get Your Custom Printed Burger Boxes!

I thought about it for a while but then gave up the idea temporarily, as the second wave of COVID started to peak. But, I knew deep down in my heart that just like custom printed burger boxes, boxes for bagels would look are work perfectly well for my business. I look forward to taking it up as soon as the economy of the country gets stable. If you are thinking of venturing into the food business, do not forget to check out the latest custom boxes at ClipnBox.