There are numerous schools that have multiple curricula in Singapore, from both National and International boards. Thanks to the multitude of nationalities and ethnicities that have settled in the nation due to expatriate families, Singapore has truly become a Global entity with a broadly inclusive perspective in terms of businesses, professions and schools. So, if all the schools are supposed to just offer an education, how would one know which one is the best? Countless International schools in Singapore offer the Cambridge curriculum, especially since the last two decades, the Parents’ demand to enroll their children into Cambridge preschools, especially, have boomed in the country. Let us begin with understanding what exactly is the Cambridge curriculum, and what does it offer to its current and future students.

Cambridge Assessment International Education (informally known as Cambridge International or simply Cambridge, was formerly known as Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). It is a provider of international qualifications, offering exams and qualifications to about tens of thousands schools in 160 countries throughout the Globe. It is affiliated to the University of Cambridge. Cambridge Assessment is engaged in partnerships with governments of twenty five countries on integrated curriculum, assessment designs and professional development for teachers. The curriculum offers individual choices over more than 70 different subjects, from mathematics to English which students can pick according to what is suitable to them. This goes a long way towards a chosen career goal or while planning for higher education. And the available subjects vary depending on your school, country and chosen exam board.

Here we’ve used examples of two leading schools in Singapore that make a phenomenal difference by using their independent teaching methods that entices students to have the hunger for learning, while also laying a competitive fee structure to ease the burden on parents’ pockets as compared to their counterparts who offer the same courses in their vicinity.

GIIS (Global Indian International School) Singapore

GIIS is the supreme choice of school as it offers one of the most sought-after facilities and privileges amongst students and parents in Singapore, GIIS has repetitively been the first choice of school for many of them. Over the period of eighteen years, GIIS has become a leading international school in Singapore by showing grandiose success and excellence in students’ individual results. With students from all over the world, GIIS has become a melting pot of cultures that turns their students into Global Citizens in its most honest sense. The school updates itself on the best of the curricula and they believe in the philosophy of ‘Schools that Learn’ and their annual progress is a reflection of the same philosophy. GIIS offers the CLSP (Cambridge for Lower Secondary Programme) which helps in building phenomenal skills, knowledge and understanding among students who aspire to take an international route in their learning journey. The curriculum allows teachers to prepare a customized learning experience for students and create a strong foundation for students to pursue higher studies in top universities or for higher qualifications like the IGCSE.

 NPS International School (NPSI) Singapore

NPS International is an Indian School established to cater to the burgeoning international demand for high-quality education in the context of a rapidly globalizing educational scenario. The school caters to all-round development of the students. They not only aim at striving for excellence but also give importance to the holistic education of the child. Due to this integrated approach, children are able to get individual attention which enables them to actively receive and imbibe informed knowledge. The students are then pushed to discover and develop their multiple capabilities. The school zealously nurtures a sense of community and responsibility and believes that it is their duty to provide a caring, creative yet structured environment for their students to grow and learn. This is presented in a multicultural context with special emphasis on global and local themes, promoting cultural sensitivity. Students from small preparatory schools often join this school and ease into their environment comfortably because of their pastoral systems that include appropriate parental scaffolding mechanisms. The school also prides itself on being fortunate to tutor students with a plethora of interests. The school’s vision is to inspire young minds and empower them to have a positive impact on the world. NPSI’s mission is to dispense a child-centered, holistic and value-based learning experience, by encouraging creativity, innovation, confidence and critical thinking in a safe and nurturing environment. They hope to foster leadership, empathy and engagement in humanitarian and environmental service. The school also focuses on non-scholastic activities like arts and co-curricular.

 The Cambridge International Curriculum sets a global standard for education and is recognized by universities and employers worldwide. The curriculum remains flexible, challenging and inspiring with a culturally sensitive yet international approach. Cambridge students develop an informed curiosity and lasting passion for learning. They also gain the essential skills they require for academic success in Universities and in their future careers. The curriculum is international in its philosophy and approach but can be adapted and tailored to local contexts, around the world. It encourages students to develop higher-order thinking skills with a problem-solving approach, promotes critical thinking, independent research, collaboration and presenting the validity of their arguments. These are transferable skills that last for a lifetime and thus will be carried forward in the students’ futures. Cambridge qualifications are accepted by every University in the United Kingdom, by 600 in the USA which includes all Ivy League Universities and also in other major education destinations vis-à-vis Canada, Australia, South Africa, Germany and the Netherlands, etc. So it is not just about simple learning, it is about an encompassed educational training that students undergo during school. Thus, make sure to pick the right Cambridge School for your children.