Offset printing, a.k.a offset lithography, is one of the widely used printing techniques. The method helps manufacturers print inked images on different substrates, ranging from paper to rubber. 

Owing to the effectiveness the method offers, many people opt for offset printing, making the sector thrive. Spell-binded with the profits that the printing business offers, many manufacturers have started investing in offset printing machines. But starting a business is often easier said than done.

If you are thinking of starting an offset printing business, this article can help. Here are a few steps you can follow to start a business and get the maximum return from it. 

Find your print niche

The first step is to find a niche in the printing area. Instead of targeting different types of people in the market, it’s always good to target a specific set of audiences and cater to their needs. By gaining specialty in a certain field, you can attract more customers, take bulk orders, and meet deadlines to stay in a long-term relationship with clients. Secondly, going for color printing is a better option as brands want to customize their products and demand color printing on them. 

Investment required

Another factor you should look into is the investment required to start the business. As offset printing is a small-scale business, you will need less investment. You will require capital to buy land & machinery and meet the operational expenses. Your budget will help you plan the size of the business. The more you invest, the bigger your business will be. Make sure that whatever printing technique you go with is in demand; otherwise, you will fail to get customers and end up shutting down the business.


To make your printing business profitable, choose a location that works best for you. Find a place that fits into your budget and allows you to easily access raw materials and labor at a low price. Also, ensure that the location is not far away from the market as the same will increase your transportation costs. You can look for suitable locations via realtor websites or even hire a real estate agent to help you find the perfect location for your printing business. The right location will be of great advantage to your business sustainability and success.

Raw materials

Raw materials are one of the major things you need in your manufacturing process. Make sure that the raw materials required should be available to you in the right quantity and quality to maintain a smooth production flow. If you fall short of raw materials, it will lead to work shortage, and if you have raw materials in abundance, it will cost you more expenses to maintain them. Choose vendors based on material quality, delivery time frame, and cost.

Raw materials required for offset printing are:

  • Paper ream
  • Ink
  • Card sheet
  • Aluminum plates


The machinery you invest in should be efficiently functional, worthy, and reliable. Before buying an offset printing machine, check its durability and quality because the same will directly affect the quality of the print. With the right machine, you can boost productivity, get more orders, meet deadlines, and add more to your revenue. 

To make the right decision, you can visit a printing firm and understand how an offset printing machine works. More the knowledge you have, the better you will decide what type of machinery will suit your business requirements. 


No matter how many automatic features machinery has, you will still need some manpower to operate and maintain them. Another thing that decides the labor requirements is the size of your business. Small scale business requires less labor, while the bigger ones require more. The laborers need not be professionals, but they must have basic knowledge and skills about operating a machine.

If still, they don’t, you can arrange an orientation or training session to help them learn the manufacturing process and how to handle a machine. You can supervise the production process to ensure that everything is going in the right direction and as expected.


Certain licensing requirements need to be fulfilled before commencing your business. Make sure that your manufacturing unit is backed with all the licenses to conduct the business. You can begin by acquiring a trade license, mandatory to operate a business in society. Then go ahead with Udyog Aadhar registration and apply for a GST number. Get all other licensing to operate your business within the legal framework.


Once you start an offset printing business, you should make a buzz about it in the target market. Take the help of digital channels to spread the word about your business and get more clients to your doorstep. You can even advertise in local newspapers or create a website to get more customers. With effective promotions, you can stand apart from the crowd of competitions, get more prospects, and make your printing business profitable.