Social media marketing is a promotional campaign that involves posting free messages and paid advertisements on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc., to connect with your niche audience and start building your brand. It may look like child play but in actuality this is one of the swiftly developing marketing form as well as fast catching marketing idea around the world. Contrary to other forms of marketing social media marketing works swiftly as it instantly connects with the target audience and start providing feedbacks and insights about what people want from you. With a little bit of efforts it is a big way to create awareness for your brand. This however is not as easy as it looks because lots of thought and content generation will be required and a certain plan on which platform to choose etc. You will certainly need a social media marketing service to help you with as the campaign may not attain the level of inspiring and motivating people to look at your products.

Can social media really generate more sales for your brand? If so, how social media marketing works? Before going in to that let us ask yourself a question, why it is necessary to have online presence?

Necessity of online presence

When did you refer a telephone directory to find a address? Do you actually own a phone book? If it does not come in to focus then probably you are not the only person to do so because phone books have disappeared from people’ memory a long time back. Phone books were useful of course but they had their limitations as they cannot be updated at regular basis, such as every 24 hours. A phone book took a year to update and it is never complete due to the growing numbers and the inability of phone book to update the new numbers immediately. More over not many people had phone books at home.

Contrast to printed media internet is constantly updated and can be accessed through your phone provider. Digital tools like Facebook and Google Business Listing have now become phone books as most people now have turned to these sources to find addresses of business houses, their working hours, what service they provide, price of goods, and customer testimonials etc. Most of the contemporary population wants businesses to have a page on the Facebook, because they are there. A stupendous number of 80 million small business community members have their presence on Facebook alone. It has dawned on these people that it is necessary to have Facebook presence if their probable customers want to know whether they exist.

Social media is looked at as potential customer service

Most social media population looks at social medial platforms as a source to find resolve from customer service. Market experts explain that social media platforms have significantly reduce the barrier between brands and their customers. Instead of calling a customer service on phone and waiting for their turn they find it easy to post their complaint on Facebook and get instant response from other members or the company itself. The company that responds quickly to the request is likely to develop good customer relations and build their brand more. And you don’t have to spend any money on this, do you? It is no cost publicity that works like magic and get more customers in to your fold when word of mouth publicity spread around. The interactions with the social media public has to be done in an orchestrated manner, that is without breaking the chain, and you will need a SMO Company India to manage it for you.    

When you do it social media marketing works

It has been rightly determined that social media sites are potential customer base for small and medium enterprises because they have infinite number of population hence easy to impress at least a fragment of that volume. Reports confirm that a company that has more social media engagement has increased in revenue. It has also been proved that the social media members who regularly visit businesses contributed more revenue towards these firms than the ones that do not visit social media. It has been also reported that social media leads are converted 100% than other outbound marketing efforts, so it is now established beyond doubt that social media is among the most cost effective marketing available to small budgeted businesses.

However you have to do it right if you want to be successful and extract maximum from the social media fame. You will need a social media marketing service to show you the way and navigate you through the processes and keep an online engagement with customers which is constant. Digital marketing companies that provide a number of online marketing services include SMM as one of their primary marketing tool and you can engage them and reap rewards from their efforts.