Face masks have become commonplace in the determination to battle COVID-19, but some experts say it’s time to take protection a step further and try face shields with face masks as constraint slowly starts to loosen. In this article, we will discuss the effectiveness of wearing a face mask with a face shield.

As the highly contagious novel coronavirus disease continues to beak havoc around the world, experts worldwide are repeatedly emphasizing the importance of changing human lifestyles for staying safe.

While scientists and medical professionals are working day and night for combating the contagion, as of now there is no final curve for the virus. And due to its highly spreading ratio, practicing social distancing, wearing face covers or face masks while stepping outside and washing hands frequently rank on the top of the list of safety measures. It is ideal to find one of the best personal protective equipment suppliers of disposable face mask, face shield, gloves, hand sanitizer, and many others. Below, I’m going to share the effectiveness of wearing a face mask and face shield together.

  • The New Formal: Face Masks vs. Face Shield

Keeping the guidelines in mind, there are many people that are reaching out for face masks and face covering to keep themselves safe from coronavirus. While earlier face masks were seen as the go-to protection gear against this combat with coronavirus, there are many people that are opting to wear face shields. Face shields are generally made of a clear plastic sheet that covers people’s whole face instead of just covering the mouth.

  • The Concept of Face Mask

The concept behind wearing a face mask is to minimize the risk of the transmission of coronavirus from asymptomatic carriers. It may also act as a barrier in a closet space, where anyone is coughing, sneezing, laughing, or talking. It may help to prevent immediate viral exposure but generally depends on how it is worn.

There are a lot of people that wear masks incorrectly that eventually renders them ineffective. If anyone pulls the mask down to talk, wears it below their nose, as well as keeps touching the outer layer of the mask and then touches their face, it negates the benefits of wearing it.

  • The Case of Face Shields

As opposed to the face mask, face shields completely cover the face from the head extending all the way below the chin. It also helps to prevent people from touching their own face mask which is not actually possible with face masks only. It also helps to reduce inhalational exposure. Face shields can also demonstrate to be far more comfortable and expedient to be worn by people when compared to face masks that may be restrictive and uncomfortable when used for long hours.

  • The Correct Way to Wear a Face Shield

Face shields can be reused by cleaning effectively with water and soap or disinfectants and may prove to be affordable for many people. It also allows people to see the wearer’s expression.  But it not effective only. Wearing a face shield with a face mask is one of the great ways to keep yourself safe from coronavirus.


Masks are face shields are simple barriers to help prevent your respiratory droplets from reaching others. You can find a reliable personal protective equipment supplier for buying face masks, protective face shields, gloves, hand sanitizers, and many others.

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