Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

Parties are fun. Lots of food, drinks and dancing with friends and family members give lots of memorable moments. But, what happens when the party is over? You are left with a dirty and stained carpet. Cleaning the carpet after an event or party is the most tedious task. The only way to get the stains cleaned is to contact professionals. The experts employ different types of cleaning methods and remove them effectively. Before understanding the cleaning procedure, let’s have a look at the different types of stains that are commonly found on the carpet after an amazing party:

1. Stains from food and beverages

Can you imagine a party without delicious snacks and wine? No. The spilling of coffee or red wine is common at parties. If you have invited kids, get ready to discover lots of food stains on the carpet. The problem with liquid is its ability to seep down to the carpet padding. If not cleaned on time, the food stains produce a foul smell. Carpet steam cleaning Adelaide specialists try to remove the stain from the depth so that the odour and stain vanish permanently. 

2. Dirty shoe stains

People coming from outside with dirty shoes spoils the carpet within seconds. These stains look awful afterwards. If you have placed additional rugs over the carpet, you can save the carpet from being dirty. But if you have not taken any precautions, get ready to clean the stains. Not only dirt, but pollens, soil, debris, and many other things get collected on the carpet due to dirty shoes. This problem can be faced in residential parties and commercial events too because of high traffic.

3. Oil stains

Oil from food particles, human skin and grease from shoes often stick to the carpet threads. It is essential to clean them as soon as possible because they cannot be cleaned after becoming old. These stains look horrible but cannot be avoided if you have hosted a party. 

4. Vomit stains

When kids eat too many cupcakes and adults have too many drinks, the chances of vomit spills can be high. The odour and stains are bad and must be cleaned immediately. Normal scrubbing and wiping off the vomit is not a proper solution. The professionals use advanced cleaning methods to remove these stains. 

5. Pet stains

Pets usually get excited after seeing lots of people. They lose control over body and urinate on the carpet. This occasional accident can happen with your pet or your guest’s pets. So, get ready to face some serious pet stains after the party.

These are the five types of stains that can be noticed on the carpet after the party. If you think over the counter cleaning products and blotting paper would work, you are wrong. You need to book carpet cleaning services Adelaide to get the stains fixed. Professionals follow a particular process to remove the stains. Let’s check out the steps below:

1. Detailed inspection of the carpet

The carpet cleaner looks at every nook and corner of the floor covering and use various tools like moisture checker and UV lights to determine the stains. They try to understand the types of stains, material and the strength of stains. After this step only they prepare the plan of action. 

2. Vacuum cleaning

Before proceeding ahead with the use of water and chemicals, the experts remove the debris, soil and allergens from the carpet using a vacuum cleaner. Most of the dust, pollens and debris brought by the dirty shoes of guests are removed at this point. 

3. Stain treatment

Spots created because of vomit, blood, food, wine, and pet’s urine are removed with the help of special stain removal solutions. The chemicals are sprayed over the affected areas and left as it is. Stain particles break down because of the solution. The experts have experience in stain removal and they choose only non-toxic and carpet-safe solutions for the floor covering. 

5. Application of cleaning method

Based on the depth of stains, carpet material type, and budget, carpet cleaning specialists figure out an appropriate cleaning method. There are many methods such as carpet steam cleaning Adelaide, hot water extraction, dry cleaning, and carpet shampooing that can be used to remove the stains and dirt from the carpet. People usually prefer those processes that require less use of water and chemicals. 

Steam cleaning is considered the best method because it not only eliminates the stains but also sanitises the carpet by killing the germs and microbes. Special equipment are used by the carpet cleaners to execute different types of procedures. They also make sure that all the dirty water is removed properly. They also ensure the drying of the carpet with help of dryers. 

6. Deodorisation

Maximum bacteria that produce odour are removed in the cleaning process. Still, the technicians sanitise and deodorise the carpet at the end. Finally, the carpet looks fresh and smells pleasant. 

Wrapping up -There are different types of stains that are bound to be formed after a wonderful party or an event. Instead of incurring time and energy in removing the stains, there is a convenient and affordable option of contacting the professional carpet cleaning services Adelaide. The professionals can reduce the carpet cleaning burden from your head. You can easily relax after the party and leave the worries on the carpet cleaners. They can implement advanced cleaning techniques to make the carpet look flawless again.