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Air conditioners quickly became practically indispensable devices in our homes. Indeed, they actively help us fight the stuffiness in the summer and the cold in the winter. But, have you ever thought about how often you need heating and cooling repair services? And if you did, then, we are sure, you do it very rarely. But in vain. After all, cleaning the device and carrying out its service is as necessary as cleaning any household appliances that you use. But this is about your safety and health. After inhaling the polluted air from the air conditioner, you can seriously damage your health. In this article, we will tell you about how often you need to clean the device and why it is needed.

Maintenance of air conditioning systems

Why is regular maintenance of the air conditioner necessary?

Cleaning the air conditioner

The air on the streets in our time is very polluted and harmful to our bodies. Therefore, the indoor and outdoor units of the air conditioner should be cleaned from time to time. They are an excellent habitat for harmful microorganisms, fungi, and plaque, which adversely affect human health. The lowest devices are contaminated more (and faster) than those on higher houses. Also, it is very important to regularly monitor those devices that are near roads and near-production sites. When the fins of the air conditioner become dirty, the efficiency decreases and the compressor is heavily loaded. Thus, to cope with his task, he is forced to work two to three times harder than before.

Diagnostics of all systems

You obviously cannot perform this procedure, because you do not have professional equipment and proper education, which means that you also cannot do all this in order not to harm the device. Diagnostics means checking the operability of the modes, the entire electrical system, the condenser, as well as measuring the refrigerant, etc.  Of course, it is rare to resort to diagnostics of all systems at once, but it is better to do it with periodic regularity and in a comprehensive manner! We advise you to include the above procedure in the service contract.

Checking the device in operating modes

This service point will give a full understanding of whether your air conditioner can withstand all load levels at different powers and modes. Various measurements and checks are carried out, diagnostics of all systems. All these processes are very important, since an ordinary user may not notice the breakdown of the split system, which in the future will lead to even worse consequences, and specialists will detect it and eliminate it. After all, this process cannot be carried out independently. Therefore, to know with confidence that everything is in order with your unit, we advise you not to hesitate with ordering this procedure and contact our engineering company GLAVENT as soon as possible, before it is too late.

Checking all equipment

This point is also extremely important for a person, because it concerns, first of all, health. Our craftsmen examine the unit for all sorts of possible leaks, measure the pressure and temperature, and fill it with freon.

We do not advise you to fix breakdowns and carry out diagnostics yourself, because:

Firstly, it is practically impossible;

Secondly, you will harm yourself and make the problem even worse.

As for refueling with freon, its reserves decrease annually, so this procedure must be carried out, but only by relying on specialists. It is extremely difficult to do this on your own since there is a high probability of breakdown.

By ordering on our website a service cleaning of air conditioning mechanisms, diagnostics of all systems, or checking the unit for the operating condition, our GLAVENT experts will help eliminate all existing problems and prevent future problems that may arise. Also, our professionals will advise you on how best and for as long as possible to keep the unit in working, efficient condition, and will answer all your questions.

How often the air conditioner needs to be serviced

The answer to this question is conditioned by several points. First of all, it is the pollution of the apartment. The air conditioner in the living area must be cleaned a couple of times a year (heat exchanger, etc.). But the internal filter needs to be cleaned 2-3 times a month, with active use.

  Without fail, once a year, it is necessary to call for service to special services so that specialists check the device for freon leaks! Leakage always happens, but usually, it does not go beyond the permissible parameters (50 grams per year). This is a mandatory procedure, otherwise, the compressor may break down.

Also, it is necessary to periodically check the operability of all properties of the device, electrical system, condensing unit, pressure and thermal insulation of pipes, clean the heat exchanger coil, fan blades, etc. Specialists from the GLAVENT company will check not only this, but will also carry out a complete diagnosis of absolutely all problematic and hard-to-reach places of the unit, and will extend the life of your device.

Contact us for any questions, our masters will be happy to answer them and give their expert, professional analysis. You can order from us not only maintenance of air conditioning systems, but also installation and installation. And most importantly, remember: with careful care and supervision, the air conditioner will last more than one year and will delight you with warmth – in winter, and a slight chill – in summer. After all, it’s better to prevent the problem than to fix it later.