tankless toilet

When looking for the best tankless toilet, you may be wondering about their functioning process. Before we start to explore how tankless toilets work, we have to understand how old-style toilets work that have a tank. They come with three components- the container, siphon and toilet bowl. Each of these parts works together to make the process complete.

1. Toilet bowl:

Toilet bowl is the main component of any toilet and your toilet refills with the water and contents gets flushed through it. It is a round source with a big opening situated at the topmost part and a small opening at the end.

2. Tank or container:

The container has the flush valve that refills the toilet tank. Fill valve is such a part that could bring water to the toilet container after flushing. Fill valve is attached to a float arm that helps to enter the right amount of water into the tank. We use a handle arm to flush the toilet. This arm pulls a flapper that could lift to let enough water enter the toilet bowl after flushing.

3. The siphon:

This part is the most critical one and we use it for moving the contents away to the mess system from the toilet bowl. When you flush the toilet, the pressure of the water pulls the siphon and leads the contents down to the drain. The flush of your toilet would work effectively when the water enters into the toilet bowl with much pressure so that it would be able to pull the siphon that removes the contents. The tank water uses gravity force to produce more energy.

Tankless toilet:

Like other traditional toilets, tankless toilets don’t have these three components and the tank is missing. Tankless toilets are attached to the pipes of your house directly and have an electric pump that controls the flush. You would find this pump inside the bowl. There is also a valve for controlling the water flow because the water enters by the pipe directly and controlling is necessary to prevent overflow of the bowl water.

However, this type of toilet is useful when people are facing water problems and the water doesn’t have enough pressure. such toilets could make your bathroom beautiful.

Comfortable size:

Tankless toilets could fit in the smaller bathroom easily. They would be the perfect choice because their size is smaller than other old-style toilets. The 16-inch toilet seats are ideal for almost all toilets. The toilet seats come in a circular and round shape. For reaching a healthy and ideal posture, 18 inches long seats are also available. If you have a small bathroom, you should choose the small seat.

The height of this toilet is 17-inch or more. This is perfect for old people or those who suffer from their back pain more often. Some toilets are height around 15 or 16 inches that is right and standard for almost all. You could measure the height from the ground to rim but don’t include the toilet seat in the measurement. Measure the size of the toilet seat before purchasing because you may want a seat riser when you feel that the size is not good for everyone.

How tankless toilets work:

Tankless toilets don’t have a reservoir that is attached to other traditional toilet bowls. Tankless toilets transfer the substances from the toilet bowl and drain them by the pipes directly. There is no need to store the water in the container because an electric pump could flush everything directly. No gravity or atmospheric force is needed like traditional toilets.

These toilets use the water force of the building line. They need 1 inch pipes which work effectively. There is a valve for controlling the water flow and helping prevent overflow. When you flush the toilet, it would drain the substances like other toilets with a tank.

Ensure that the flow of the water comes in a single burst creating a violent water flow so that the contents drain off the siphon easily. You have to change the infrastructure of the plumbing that could upkeep the system of the tankless toilet. The research is still going on to see which pipe is perfect for such a system, one inch or half. Whatever is the size of the pipe, water should quickly and easily fill the toilet bowl after each flush to drain all of the waste at a time.


The latest modern tankless toilets are sleeker and high-tech than traditional ones. They come in various shapes, colors and sizes. They could remind you that the stylish and latest technologies are cleverer.