role of technology in recruitment

Technology is something every industry is using. It has become a practical way of life for everyone. From hospitals to airports to businesses and even job agencies, technology has played a vital role in their day-to-day functions. Many companies have done a great job by adapting their approach to integrating technologies at work. The impact of technology in the recruitment sector has become very noticeable in enhancing the hiring processes for both candidates and the hiring teams/staff. The selection of suitable candidates starts from the recruitment process. The technology is continuing to change and impact a mind-numbing rate making the brands seek help from recruitment firms outside their company. 

It is essential for businesses to adopt up-to-date technologies, thus making the processes more easily accessible to applicants, efficient, and affordable in the long run. Job agencies should move from using traditional recruitment methods to using up-dated technological methods in their recruitment processes. Recruitment no longer requires hard-copy CVs. Instead, they prefer soft copy ones. This way, it becomes effortless for recruiters to track the applications received rather than sitting down and looking through thousands of CVs at a time, as done in the traditional ways before. Technology has made each person’s lives easy and well organized and has entered each job agency process. 

Using technology to create a resume can be a daunting task for some recruitment agencies. Still, once an agency realizes that using technology can assist them in the screening and selection process using an online site such as LinkedIn, they should begin looking into it. The recruitment agency should gather information about candidates and then use technology to create a custom resume for each job. Technology is beneficial for screening and selection; it can help a recruitment agency save money by reducing the amount of time they must spend screening and selecting candidates. If a recruitment agency already has a majority of their jobs using recruitment technology, they should continue using the technology to streamline their hiring process. Using recruitment software to aid in the screening and selection process reduces the recruitment agency’s workload by hiring and recruiting much faster and easier.

Improvement in the recruitment process with the help of technology

Minimum efforts

Using technology reduces the effort for both applicants and recruiters. In an era of advanced technologies having chatbots, known for using Artificial Intelligence, can help provide customer support. AI technologies are excellent in dealing with customers for at least answering the essential questions or providing information. These technologies can make a lot of human work more accessible. When talking about recruitment, these automated technologies can now source the candidates, administer assessments, schedule interviews and even provide regular updates to candidates throughout the recruitment process. This reduces human interaction in sorting out large numbers of applications, hence reducing both sides’ efforts, i.e., candidates and recruiters.

Technology enhances employer brandings

When a company uses social media for hiring, it is critical to know that you attract the desired pool of applicants with active users. If your company supports innovation, it is necessary to find people who are innovative and support technologies. Create an interactive video about your organization and post it on its career website so that more people can know about your company. This increases job postings from roughly 12-34 per cent.

Digital assets speed up the recruitment process

Advancements in technologies have made the applicants or job seekers have expectations for a quicker recruitment and selection process. The world has become a speedy place for candidates, and recruiters would prefer a faster hiring and selection process. With each day passing by, you can lose the best candidates to other firms.

Elimination of bias

It is proven that using technology helps you eliminate biases. The traditional ways interviewed and selected individually usually created the problem of choosing a preference rather than a more skilled and competent person. Using technologies such as Artificial intelligence reduces selection based on bias. Selection of bias is very unconscious and is a natural tendency among humans, but technologies do not have feelings that usually satisfy equal employment opportunities. 

Ways to speed up the recruitment process using technology

Conduct video or mobile interviews

This is a very flexible option to be used in the recruiting process to interview the candidates. This saves time and money and helps eliminate the chances of delays in schedules prepared for the face-to-face meeting. There are many video conferencing apps that you could use to interview effectively without any costs to be paid. You can arrange a day beforehand so that the candidates get time to organize any equipment needed for the day of the interview. 

Choose your ATS well

ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System, and as the name says, it is used to sort out the applicants who are willing to be hired. This is used to help recruiters to sort out thousands of applications through media like social media, emails, or mobile. ATS makes the sorting of applicants way easier and faster without spending time looking at every application individually, which can be time-consuming.

Software to eliminate bias

software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provides recruiters with a candidate matching system that automatically tracks work performance alone, with no room for subjective, unfair, or emotional bias against the applicant.

Digital assessments

You can provide the candidate with a personality test at the time of screening. The candidate can solve this test, and you can get a result digitally and decide who is the best suited for the position. This can reduce biases and make the screening process much faster and quicker with automated results being generated. Make sure you choose the suitable assessment software by researching well before using it to assess your candidates.

Bottom line

Using technology in your recruitment process is a great way to assess candidates who are willing to work for you. Job agencies should focus well on choosing the right software and technologies which can help pick good employees. Technology reduces your effort to brainstorm who and what could be better for your organization. AI technologies lessen a lot of possibly wrong decisions we can make as a human. It prevents us from choosing biases and makes the sorting process way quicker. Technologies not only make the process quicker but also organize the work well. All the applications get organized in proper order and eliminate extra efforts. It can send an automated email saying the candidate has been selected. Technologies have made our lives easier, so why not use them in the right way to organize and manage our tasks efficiently.