In today’s world, getting a quality education is the first step to having a successful career and life but it is also one of the expensive investments which parents have to do initially in order to reap the benefits later. 

Most of the students look for financial assistance to pursue their education/course in their dream school or college. 

In such a scenario, scholarships come up as the most desired form of financial aid to such students, where they can earn it on a merit basis. This makes scholarships prestigious and every student should definitely apply for scholarships to gain numerous benefits.

Benefits of Scholarship

Scholarship is not a gift. Scholarship is an opportunity to realize your potential and reach your goals without financial restrictions or strings attached.Scholarship offers a valuable platform to recognize meritorious efforts and develop lifelong learning and networking opportunities that will benefit you in your future endeavors. It allows you to rediscover your passion and pursue a rewarding course of study without being bound by the demands of financial realities. Here are some benefits of scholarship mentioned below. 

  1. Scholarships make education affordable 
  2. Students who get scholarships have an added advantage over others during admissions to their preferred college
  3. Scholarships open the door to meet great people around the world.
  4. You can pursue your education without putting a financial burden on parents
  5. Earning a Scholarship on a merit basis is an achievement in itself that shows your hard work and dedication to the employer, helping to boost your resume in future.
  6. You get a chance to be a brand ambassador and represent the school
  7. You do not have to apply for an education loan which saves you from debt

Best International School Malaysia

Being one of the best international school in Malaysia, GIIS has been preferred by many parents and students. GIIS offers the most advanced academic curriculum to set students on the path of excellence. Their mission is to provide students with the right school environment, premium education, outstanding facilities and personalised attention.

Apply for scholarships in GIIS

GIIS provides 5 scholarships out of which 4 are open for students currently. These scholarships are provided to merit students to make their education affordable. How can I apply for scholarships in the GIIS? Here are some steps:

1) Take advantage of any scholarship offers and application process.

2) Be aware of your scholarship status during the entire process.

3) Make sure you know what scholarship resources are available at the school you are applying to.

The Global Future Ready Merit Scholarship (GFRM)

GFRM  is for merit students who portray academic excellence and who wish to study at one of the GIIS campuses of their choice within their own countries of residence.

Check the detailed information about the scholarship value, eligibility criteria and terms and conditions here

9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to merit students who have received International or National or Regional recognition in any of the 9GEMS attributes.

Check the detailed information about the eligibility criteria and terms and conditions here

Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship

This scholarship is provided to the brightest and most distinguished students who have achieved excellence in various fields including, academics, sports and science, and who need financial assistance to advance their education. 

DR APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship

This scholarship is provided to students who are tech-savvy and have a natural inclination towards technology in order to encourage them to succeed in the field of digital space.

The basic process to apply for any of the 4 scholarships is simple, the only difference is the documents and eligibility criteria depending upon which scholarship you have selected.

  1. Submit the  Application form Online
  1. Upload all prerequisite Documents 
  1. The selected applicants will be notified via email within 10 working days 
  1. Scholarship Assessment
  1. One to One Interview with the selected students 
  1. Selection of the candidate and their disbursal process

The scholarship is a reward to the students who are brilliant academically and in other curricular activities. Whether you’re studying in high school or college, receiving a scholarship is a big achievement and a golden opportunity for genuine aspirants. Apart from economic benefits, it opens the way to various educational centres as well as employment opportunities and fulfils the dream of studying abroad from a reputed and prestigious institution.