Kill Unwated Apps in Task Manager

 Benchmarking was required in old PCs running with Windows 7 and earlier versions however advanced games and applications made it required for the latest version of Windows. A brand-new PC may not require benchmarking until we load it up with hefty RAM consuming applications or games. Computer performance tests aka Benchmarking if ignored may result in system crash situations and loss of data.

Every Windows PC has a specific limit of taking the burden of running apps and performing a task. When we overburden the RAM, GPU, CPU, and processor limits, we encounter a system crash. To avoid overclocking on the Windows PC, you can perform the benchmarking test and set limits. The manual process may not help much in this case however you can always make use of one of the best free GPU benchmarking tools. This software to monitor GPU can keep an eye on system usage and tap on exceeding limits.

Can Task Manager Help?

Task Manager is a powerful utility to keep a close look at the system processes, services, startup and CPU usage. This is just a monitoring utility where you can check the CPU usage but benchmarking is not an option here.

Step 1. Press the (Ctrl + Shift + Esc) key combination to open the Task Manager utility.

Step 2. You will land on the Processes tab where you can check all the running processes and background running apps. Check out all processes that are utilizing a lot of resources like CPU usage or Memory usage.

Step 3. If the application is not in use, select the application and click on the End Task button.

Step 4. Click on the Performance tab on the top to checkCPU, Memory, GPU, Disk, or Wi-Fi usage.

Step 5. After ending all the running programs or background apps, if you still see a high device usage, it is recommended to restart the computer and check it again.

Use Resource and Performance Monitor

Before you end up looking for a GPU benchmark software for Windows, it is recommended to make use of the inbuilt Windows tools to check if we actually need benchmarking. Resource and Performance Monitor is an inbuilt software to monitor GPU performance and check other devices. You will need administrator rights to perform this action.

Step 1. Press the (Win + R) key to access the Run Command window.

Step 2. Type perfmon /report and press the Enter key.

Step 3. The Performance Monitor window will open and start analyzing your computer. It should take about 60 seconds to run a scan and come up with some insight. If it takes longer than expected, close the window and go to the next step.

Step 4. Click on the Start button and type perfmon in the search bar.

Step 5. Under Performance Monitor, click on Run as Administrator. You can also press (Ctrl + Shift + Enter) keys for Administrator rights.

Step 6. Performance Monitor app will scan the PC for and list out different sorts of reports for individual components of your Windows PC. It will check the operating system, Hard Drive, Hardware, Security Center related information, Drivers, or System Services. Click on the arrows in the left-hand side panel to expand or collapse the reports.

Step 7. If there is a failed report, you can double-click on it to expand the report and check the results. Expand different system reports one by one and analyze what’s not right and needs attention.

Best FREE GPU Benchmarking Tools

While looking for software to test GPU benchmarking, try with the FREE resources first if it works for you. We have tested, compared, and reviewed dozens of FREE GPU benchmark software for Windows and listed the top five software to try in 2021. For a detailed review and comparison, check out the Top 5 GPU Benchmarking Software with FREE and Paid versions.

Top Software to Test GPU Benchmark

1.   PassMark

2.   3D Mark

3.   UserBenchmark

4.   FurMark

5.   Heaven Unigine 2

PassMark Performance Test

PassMark Performance Test is an easy way to benchmark Windows, Linux, macOS and, Android and iOS. You can compare the performance of your PC with similar computers and benchmark the limits. It performs Standard CPU Test, 2D Graphics, Test, 3D Graphics Test, Memory Test, Disk Test and more.

3D Mark Benchmarks

3D Marks Benchmark is a FREE software to monitor GPU performance and benchmark your Windows PC, notebook, tablet, or smartphone. It is compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS devices to run a scan, check scores and benchmark your system. It majorly works for graphics and is one of the best free benchmarking tools for gamers.


UserBenchmark software to test GPU benchmark has an intuitive web interface to instantly check your PC performance and compare the results with other users around the world. It can scan CPU, GPU, SSD, HDD, RAM, USB and more devices, find and suggest the best solutions to hardware problems.


FurMark is a product by Geeks3D to perform GPU stress testing and thoroughly checks your graphics card. It’s a FREE software to monitor GPU and an amazing benchmarking tool to check and configure your limits. It is easy to download and install on your Windows PC and has a quick OpenGL benchmark as well as an online scanner.

Heaven Unigine 2

Heaven Unigine 2 is a multi-compatible software to test GPU benchmarks on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. It has a Basic FREE test for gamers, an advanced algorithm for overclockers, and a professional version for gaming companies or hardware manufacturers. It’s a little overloaded software but has great key features.

Summing Up

Regular users don’t need benchmarking software until they don’t pump up the hardware acceleration to an extent. If you are a gamer or use heavy graphics on your Windows PC, you need dedicated software to monitor GPU performance and the best GPU benchmark software for Windows for uninterrupted performance. Only the best free benchmarking tool can help you balance your hardware and software performance.