The theft of debit cards is one of the most common crimes and growing every day. They are carried out with sophisticated techniques and criminal technologies that make this crime more and more recurrent, which is why it has become a problem for banks, customers and businesses. For this reason, we will describe the steps to be followed by the client when the debit card is stolen , what is the procedure if we discover that money has been withdrawn from our account and how to contact your financial institution to avoid further damage to your finances.

What to do if my debit card was stolen and money was withdrawn?

The first step in the event of debit card theft is to immediately notify the bank that issued the card, since, given the increasing increase in these crimes, each bank has developed a procedure for these cases. The most common is the notification by telephone to the emergency telephone numbers of the banks (at the end of this article we find the contact telephone numbers for each banking institution), or through the bank’s website, most of whom have enabled a platform web for banking emergencies.

  • Once the notification to the bank has been made, a report code will be received for the theft of the card, the withdrawal of funds and the notification time as a means of proof of the blocking of the card. All this to avoid continuing to be a victim of this crime.
  • The second step before the theft of the debit card is to go to the Carabineros de Chile and make a record for the theft of both the card. If the withdrawal of unauthorized funds is found, we must file a report for the theft, all if we do not have insurance. In this case, the banking institution becomes a party to the complaint, but not to the replenishment of funds.
  • Purchases or withdrawal of money from the account, after making the complaint to the banking institution, will not be charged, since the client is exempt from responsibility (according to law No. 20,009 of April 1, 2005). For withdrawals of money or purchases prior to the one made, the complaint in the banking institution may or may not have bank insurance.

What to do if my debit card was stolen and money was withdrawn ?: Do you have bank insurance

In case of having insurance against theft , the financial institution will replace the funds, if the clauses stipulated in the insurance are met. It will be the bank who will be in charge of pursuing responsibilities.

In most cases, the client will receive the replenishment of the funds, after verification of the facts through the constancy in the police, in addition to the replacement of the card in a period not exceeding 3 days.

What to do if my debit card was stolen and money was withdrawn? You do not have bank insurance

If you do not have bank insurance, you should file the pertinent complaint with the Carabineros, in this case most of the banks become part of the complaint and the prosecution of responsibilities; However, this does not ensure the replenishment of funds, in the same way the card will be replaced within a period of no more than 3 days.

What to do if my debit card was stolen and money was withdrawn? Bank procedures

Before the complaint for loss and theft , it is the bank’s obligation to block the card to prevent the damage from being greater; after that, the bank will issue a new card. If the latter appears, the bank will proceed to unblock it.

The institution is in charge of verifying that purchases or withdrawals were made by third parties. The client gives timely notice of the loss or theft of the card and the funds, therefore, he will not be responsible for said transactions unless the bank clearly demonstrates that he is responsible.