Going out on a camping trip with your friends is an amazing experience, especially if you can enjoy a nicely cooked out meal. Imagine having a small, lightweight and portable gas stoves that would provide you with the opportunity to be able to do just that. 

Go to our website and you would find a wide range of gas stoves that would fit to your every need and occasion like a camping trip, garden party or catering events. You would be able to easily cook a tasty dish on the go with our wide range of portable gas stoves camping available online with just a-click away. You can easily identify a good camping stove by looking at these three features:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to handle

In our experience these 3 things make a camping stove the perfect solution for cooking outdoors and you would be able to take it with you wherever you are.

The products are made of top-quality material that is light in weight, but in the meantime is strong and sturdy so it can withstand two pots at a time. Being lightweight, you can easily take this gas stove with you on a mountain hike, spontaneous day out in the wild or when you have set up a camp while you are fishing out with your buddies.We have products that work only with a small gas canister, meaning that you would not even have to carry around a gas cylinder. You would need to just put on the canisters safely in the stove and just turn the knob – and you are good to go! The stoves are equipped with automatic piezo ignition as well, so you would not need to use an external lighter. This is how ridiculously easy this appliance is used. 

After you have finished using it, just open the gas canister compartment, remove the canister and after the stove has cooled down, you can just put it in the tailored carry bag and store it safely until it is time for the next camping trip.

When you are organizing a gathering or you are looking for an appliance for your summer kitchen with which you can prepare those taste things that your family and friends like so much, you can rely on our expertise and knowledge in regards to the right product that you can choose to assist you to make this experience even more pleasant. 

In this case you would need a more powerful portable gas stove which you can set up in your summer kitchen using a large gas cylinder and a compatible regulator which you can also find in our website. This way you would ensure the you have sufficient cooking power to prepare a delicious meal for your loved ones. With our double burner gas stoves you also will have the cooking space to ensure that nobody will leave hungry under your watch. These gas stoves are very powerful and can be also used for catering activities. Made with stainless steel housing which would prevent corrosion and ensure the long life of your stove, also makes the surface very easy to clean and maintain. 

You can choose the type of gas that you would like to use with the stove, however we recommend that you use propane gas for outdoor cooking as it is more efficient than in colder temperatures. Please make sure that you read our guidance in regard to the type of gas to chose when you purchase this kind of gas stoves online. You can find recommendations and instructions for all our products on the product detailed page in our website.

Our range of products also include all types of portable indoor gas heaters UK. The most important feature for these products is to have an FFD device. This means that the gas stream would be cut-off automatically to the appliance if for some reason the flame goes out on the burner. The feature is designed to ensure your safety and the safety of the people around you, hence this is the most important feature as it would prevent gas leakages that can fill up the room with CO2 emissions which is hazardous if certain quantity is inhaled.

All our products are Certified and comply to all the safety regulations and standards that apply for these types of appliances so you can rest assured that you are buying a top quality, safe to use and highly effective and efficient portable gas stove for every occasion and desire.

You can check the whole range of appliances with additional information, safety features, useful tips and video tutorials that can help you to familiarize yourselves with our products and make the right choice.