How to choose Smart Lighting to get the industrial touch

Everybody has his dream house in his mind! So when it comes to designing your home, you will certainly take care of various details to achieve the best results. While building and designing your home, you should always consider these important things:

  • Determine your ideal style because it is the best way to determine the type of lighting you need
  • Choose the correct colors
  • Decide the style of the furniture

All of these things are essential and their design will depend on this choice. The thing is that an industrial-style lamp is not the same as a modern-style lamp. Remember that you should create a harmony in your whole house if you want to enjoy comfort and beauty. Otherwise, your house will not look visually beautiful and you will not have that feeling of peace and cohesiveness. So it would never be perfect to have the industrial style kitchen and the rest of the rooms in a modern or classic style.

Here in this post we are going to help you identify the best characteristics that help you differentiate the industrial style with respect to the rest of the style that we know. As a result, you will easily choose various types of industrial style lamps and then place them in your home.

Some important features of industrial style

Every style has its unique features and they differ from each other thanks to those original aspects. If you desire to furnish your space in industrial interior style then you should always bear in mind how it differs from the rest. When we enter a home that has been inspired by an industrial style, we immediately notice that it is not like the rest of style. It’s because it has a series of very characteristic elements that make it unique. So here are some of these awesome elements that you need to remember if you decide to go for an industrial style house.

  • Use of the original structures of the house

First, use the original structures of the house and power them because it has a series of very characteristic elements that make it unique. If there is a brick wall, iron beams, heating pipes, etc. don’t remove or replace them but get advantage from them and use as an element of the decoration. However, if you are going to reform that house or it just lacks those elements, you still have different options. For example, you can imitate brick tiles as well as industrial style lamps.

  • Glass predominates over wood. 

When it come to buying the living room table and lamps, we recommend using elements that contain glass or are made of a transparent material. Why? It’s because they are able to give them that industrial aspect you are looking for. Besides, they will create a beautiful harmonious look

  • Use of Copper and black

One of the most important things that characterize the industrial style is the mixture of copper and black. This means that an industrial design should have the combination of these two in order to transform your home. This combination is popular especially when designing the kitchen. 

Choosing the right types of industrial style lamps for every room

  • For the kitchen

We offer you to place some lamps above the counter if you have an island or a dining table. His will help to highlight your working area in the kitchen. However, if there is no island or a dining table then you can rely on several light bulbs and palce them together for more amplitude. 

  • For the salon

Place a large spotlight in the central part of your kitchen and it will be the main lighting. You can also add some lanyard pendant lights if you are planning to add a reading area or want additional lighting.

  • For the bedrooms

When it comes to designing your living room, you can put a central lamp and complement it with an auxiliary light point. You can opt for either lamp for the nightstand or above the headboard.

  • For bathrooms

It goes without saying that one of the most difficult areas to light for an industrial style is the bathroom. So that is why we advise you to choose recessed spotlights that can have the same color of the ceiling or be in black or copper. However, with some wall sconces for the mirrors, you can also complete the overall lighting.

How Smart Lighting Dublin can help you?

Smart Lighting Ireland is also considered to be one of the best ways to transform you space and create an industrial style home. We can proudly say that iQ Control has the resources to provide you with a comprehensive Smart Lighting Ireland. Here you will get a tailored approach which means that you can easily achieve creating that industrial style you are longing for. Thanks to the technology of Smart Lighting Ireland, you can finally transform your vision into reality. 

We at iQ Control offer amazing solutions of Smart Home Ireland so you can contact us anytime and we will cover your demands. Due to Smart Lighting Dublin, you will have that ability to take your light switch with you in your pocket or bag. This means you can check and make sure your lights are on or off. Moreover, if you integrate with smart cameras or motion sensors along with Smart Lighting Dublin, your industrial style home can become a more valuable home.

Benefits of Smart Lighting Dublin

All forward-thinking households and individuals choose Smart Lighting Ireland to get the industrial touch. By deploying smart lights throughout your facilities will bring a number of benefits:

  • You will save thousands of dollars by lighting only those areas that are in use due to the motion sensors and automated ligthing controls
  • Security within your house will also be enhanced due to better lighting. According to many studies, crime rate can drop a lot as a result of increased lighting.
  • Due to Smart Home Ireland, and especially thanks to appropriate levels of light in the house can enhance your comfort and productivity.

Conclusion In conclusion, if you want to choose smart lighting to create an industrial style in your house, then you can get help from us and our experts will never hesitate to integrate modern solutions. As a result, you will have Smart Home Ireland yet keep that industrial style!