Shower Trays at Royal Bathrooms

A shower tray is an important part of a shower enclosure, which has the important function of directing water towards drainage in the bathroom. Besides that, shower trays also prevent water from leakage. If you don’t install a shower tray, there is always a risk of water splash out. So, a shower enclosure without it will have many problems.

Here we have discussed how you can make the right choice for the shower tray. 

Step -1 Decide about the size of the Shower Tray!

The first step in choosing the right shower tray is to decide about the size. A slight mistake in the shower tray size can cause water drainage and leaking problems. Even a small amount of water leakage may cause the growth of mould. Perhaps it may cause other damages that you may eventually need repairs, costing you a significant amount of money. So, you must know what size of shower you need. You may ensure this by taking measurements of your available space and then matching it with the sizes available for shower trays.

Step-2 Decide about the Shape of the Shower Tray.

After you measure the size, the next thing is to decide about the shape or style of the shower trays. You ensure that the shape completely fits with the section, so the water remains inside. In case you don’t have a shower, enclosure and want a walk-in shower tray, the shape depends on your choice. You will usually find the following shower trays in the market. 

  • Square Shower Trays.  This shape is compatible with different styles of doors. The most found size of the square shower tray is 900mm, while these are also available in 700mm, 800mm with 40 mm thickness.
  • Quadrant Shower Trays. They commonly use these in the corner. The difference between these and other styles is that these have a curved front edge. It fit well with hinged and sliding doors while saving valuable space. 
  • Rectangular Shower Trays.  In case you have a much larger area to cover, that does not fit well with square trays. So a different shape like rectangular showers can fit well with it. These are compatible with sliding doors. 

Besides the above shower trays types, you may also find other types of shower trays, which include offset quadrant shower trays or p and d shaped shower trays as well.

Step-3 Decide about the Material of Shower Trays!

The material of the shower tray is also an important consideration. It not only affects the durability of the shower tray, but also contributes to aesthetics. A few of the shower trays’ popular materials include stone, ceramics, acrylic, acrylic capped, and marble shower tray. Each of the materials has its own advantages and disadvantages. Most homeowners in the UK install shower trays that have stone resin material, which is heavy but excellent in all other aspects. There are also nonslip versions of shower trays available in the market. 

Step-4 Decide about the Color!

The colour of the shower trays has a high impact on how good your bathroom looks. You will  find shower trays in white and black colours. Although you can never go wrong with the white colour, it all depends on your bathroom’s colour scheme. So be creative while deciding about the colour of the shower tray.

Shower Trays at Royal Bathrooms UK. 

Shower trays are an important part of your shower enclosures. However, you must be careful about the size, shape, and colour of the shower trays. Planning about all these things will save you from a lot of hassle. We have an extensive range of many shower trays available on our website.