Capturing group photographs is a tough job especially capturing the group wedding photos. Everyone has their preferences and demands at the wedding, especially the couple’s close friends and family. Though wedding photographers from St Marys, GA, will agree that capturing moments at indoor weddings are relatively easier than capturing outdoor weddings.

Indoor weddings have a limited area, so it is easy to spot the people and the groups. It is also easier for photographers to spot the location for photography. There are few hacks that the photographers follow for wedding photographing large groups outdoors at Sea Island, GA. Some of the hacks shared by wedding photographers in St Marys, GA are mentioned below-

  1. Work as a team

The best advice for photographers photographing large groups outdoors at Sea Island, GAis to work in a team. If you work individually, then take one of your friends to the wedding. A couple of two is highly recommended because one will focus on managing the group, focusing on capturing the images.

The person managing the group will try all the combinations, check the backgrounds, see the poses that people are pulling off. The person behind the camera will be responsible for focusing the camera, managing the aperture, and clicking as many shots as possible.

  • Research about the venue

Research about the venue before going for the shoot. If you have been to the place before then, you don’t have to do any research. If you have never been to the venue or explored the platform, search about the venue online. Gather all the information you can, and if you know someone who has been to the venue, they can give more insight into the venue. Photographers often ask the couples to share some of the venue pictures to understand the venue better. A meeting with teams about the venue, friends, and family always helps the photographer make wise decisions.

  • Understand the basics of posing

There are few basics of posing which prove to be helpful while photographing large groups of people outdoors. Women tend to make a U-formation in group photos, so photographers can align their feet in a straight line and ask them to pose. When it comes to clicking men, their go-to pose is folded arms. Therefore, you need to ask them to bring out their goofy side. Hands in the pockets is also a good pose for men.

  • The number of rows

The key to an excellent outdoor group photograph is never to have too many rows. Many photographers can arrange people into two rows. By placing the people in two rows, you can ensure that the background and people are focused. Set the camera focus on the people in the first row and set the aperture accordingly.


After managing the people and deciding the poses for the photographs, focus on the setting. Photographers need to carry the right gear to the location and try the different lenses for the picture. One should also check for flares and LCD screens, zoom in on the photos to check if the eyes are open or not.