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Company registration in Dubai starts with a notice of registration. Notice of registration is one of the procedures for starting a business in Dubai. The business license fee in Dubai is one of the largest fees charged by any place for starting a business. Governmental, State, County, and Municipal authorities all have their own rules and regulations pertaining to business licenses. You need to find out what all these regulations are and conform to them.

There are two types of company registration in Dubai: general business license and individual business license. General business license can be applied for only if the proposed business will have no employees. Company shareholders will be listed on the document as shareholders. The number of shareholders and the percentage of control exercised by them will determine whether the business in Dubai is exempted from the “personal property law” regulation.

If the proposed business in Dubai will have employees, then the name of the company and its address must be registered with the Employment Department. Company registration in Dubai, with a view to earning tax benefits, requires that the business have at least one employee. If more than one employee is required, then the company has to apply for an EK2, or a Company Registration with a view to Company Tax. Company Registration in Dubai, with a view to earn tax benefits, requires that the company have at least one employee.

business in Dubai

Company formation in Dubai is much cheaper than the setup in the market. But, formation in Dubai also requires a certain amount of money. Companies are required to deposit an initial security, which is about 25 percent of the total share capital. Company registration in Dubai may be setup with or without the presence of a director.

In order to start up a company, the companies in Dubai require three main documents: the Memorandum and Articles of Association, the Corporate Registry and the Operating Agreement. These documents can be collected from the Companies House in Dubai. The Companies House offers cheap services. After collecting all the necessary documents, the new company can be registered with the Companies House in Dubai within about six weeks time. The Company Formation fee is not included in the payment mentioned above, but it is possible that some of the fees listed above will be applicable.

A company formation in Dubai does not require an employee, so the only requirement for this business is a capital deposit. However, in order to start up the limited liability company in Dubai, a nominee signatory is required. A nominee signatory is a person who signs the documents on behalf of the company. He cannot be a company director. A Company formation in Dubai with the help of a Company House does not need any employee, so all the document preparation can be done by a corporate lawyer.

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A company registration in Dubai allows you to open a branch anywhere in the world, even if it is in your own country. You need a bank account to fund the business. The Company House in Dubai will provide you all the assistance you need to set up the business. Other than that, the Companies House in Dubai helps you get a good tax rate, exemption on income tax, legal protection from prosecution and many other financial advantages. If you are living in Dubai, you need not worry about the laws on company registration, because the Company House there takes care of everything.

Business registration in Dubai is easy and fast. Companies House in Dubai provides all the facilities of a business registration, as well as business registration forms. All you have to do is fill in the correct information and pay the appropriate fees. The company registration process is easy, because all you need to do is to mail in the relevant document along with the payment. The company registration process is completed within three months time. If you are not living in Dubai, but want to start a business in the city, then you can follow the same procedure as the residents, by mailing in the necessary documents and pay the necessary fee.