how to draw an unicorn step by step

Draw a beautiful unicorn in stages

The fantastic creature how to draw an unicorn step by step is a symbol of justice, wisdom and integrity. The fictional animal is often found in modern cinema, computer games, children’s books and cartoons. Would you like to learn how to portray it on paper? Then get involved in the creative process with us!

Cute unicorn

This animal conquers both girls and boys with its magical appearance. With the help of bright colors, it can be depicted on paper in all its glory. First, let’s try to draw something cute. Then, carefully study the instructions and the sequence of actions.

What you need to get started:

  • Album sheet;
  • Black felt-tip pen for the outline of the cool drawing;
  • Colored markers for coloring a unicorn.

Let’s start drawing:

  1. In the middle of the album sheet, draw a small circle (the future eye of the animal). We divide it into two zones. The bottom area of the circle should be smaller than the top. Draw 2 more small circles in the upper part. We paint in black everything except the lower zone and two circles. The first eye is ready! Draw the second eye next to it in the same way. Add a pair of cilia.
  2. We circle the unicorn’s eyes with a semi-oval (the future muzzle of the animal).
  3. From the muzzle, we go down in an arched line. We repeat from the reverse side. It should be symmetrical. Draw circles to the very edge of these lines.
  4. Draw the semblance of the letter “ะจ” between the future legs. The side sticks of this letter should tilt towards the near circle. Next, connect the front and hind legs with small horizontal strokes. Next, draw small hooves on the front legs. Finally, we complete the process of drawing the head.
  5. Extend the contours of the muzzle on the right side, completing the drop-shaped ear. We make bangs for the how to draw an unicorn step by step, draw a second ear over it. Finally, draw a horn between the ears. It can consist of several parts.
  6. On the face, just below the eyes, draw neat arcuate lines, turned towards each other. This is the nose of a unicorn.
  7. Coloring the sketch: bangs – blue, yellow and pink; lilac felt-tip pen – the middle of the ears and the circle on the legs. Outline the inner lines of the drawing in gray. We make the horn multicolored.

Done! Fantasies are embodied on paper. Now you know how to draw a cute mythical creature.

New year unicorn

You will need colored pencils, a thin black marker, and a landscape sheet to create such a drawing.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. We draw a figurine on paper that looks vaguely like a leaf or a candle flame. We place a semi-oval in its “core.” From both edges of the leaf, draw horizontal lines in different directions. The left line should be longer than the right one.
  2. Draw two waves upward from the edge of each line. On the right side, it should look like the number “3”, on the left side – its mirror image. Use a horizontal line to connect the waves with a figure that looks like a candle flame.
  3. Above, we draw a detail of the cap. Then, we decorate it with bubo. A New Year’s hat and unicorn ear appeared on paper.
  4. Draw hair from the left edge of the animal’s ear. A horn break through them. Approximately from the center of the lower part of the bangs, draw a short dash down, then round it (it looks like a hook). We complete the drawing of the face, draw the line to the unicorn’s headdress.
  5. Draw an eye with eyelashes in the center of the face. Add a neat nostril on the nose. We draw a beautiful mane developing from the side of the boundless part of the muzzle. The sketch is ready. It remains to color the festive animal. For this, we take pencils of different colors.
  6. Color the horn yellow. Next, we paint the bangs with multicolored stripes (there should be 4 of them in total): blue, green, orange and red. We paint the mane in six stripes: blue, orange, green, pink, purple and red. We also sketch the top of the cap with a red pencil. Finally, we outline the inner contours of the muzzle in lilac color.

You can color the unicorn as you like using other suitable colors.

Unicorn with wings

Our drawing lesson continues. Consider another variation with the image of a fabulous how to draw an unicorn step by step. To create a new picture, you will need felt-tip pens, a simple pencil and a sketchbook.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Draw a narrow droplet, circle it in a semicircle on each side. We go down with a stylus from the bottom of the left semicircle, round the line to look like a hook. In the rounding zone, inside, add a small dash.
  2. In the center and a little to the left of the finished part of the sketch, draw a circle (future eye), with a small circle inside. Next to it, draw several arched lines (we divide the eye into zones). Next, draw the part of the eye with a glare in black. Finally, draw two neat eyelashes in the upper part of the eye.
  3. The first shape in the sketch (a droplet with circles on the sides) will have a horn consisting of 3 parts.
  4. Opposite the bangs of the animal, to the left, draw an ear in the form of a wide leaf. In the middle of the ear, add a semi-oval. Draw hair between the ear and the bangs with the horn.
  5. Opposite the lower contour of the muzzle, to the left, we sketch a wing. First, we connect it with the animal’s ear with three arcs. Next, we draw the animal’s body, extending the line of the edge of the muzzle. Do not forget to add feet with hooves, as shown in the example. Next, we connect the back of the body with the wing. Finally, we draw a fluffy tail to the back leg.
  6. Next, draw a wavy cloud in such a way as to give the impression that the how to draw an unicorn step by step is standing on it. In the distance, on the right, draw a small cloud. We connect the clouds with slightly curved arcs (4 pieces). On both sides, we draw up the drawing with asterisks.
  7. All sections of the hair, including the tail and bangs, are colored with three multicolored stripes: blue, yellow, pink. We also paint over the semi-oval of the ear and hoof in pink. Next, with the same colors, paint the stars and paths between the clouds at our discretion. Next, the first arc of the eye, after black, is painted over with blue. Finally, we paint the horn with the same felt-tip pen.
Source: Web Z Works